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Thighs the limit for Madonna

Nicole Winhoffer says Madge hits the gym six times a week to combat her 'fat thighs'.
On the 54-year-old’s bulging quads, Winhoffer said: 'She’s so silly. We’re all born with an area we’re insecure about and she thinks it’s her thighs, so we spend a lot of time moulding and sculpting.'
As well as discussing Madge’s pins, the trainer told New! magazine: 'I look to tighten the back of the arms, cinch the waist, flatten the lower abdominals, work on the definition of the thighs and raise the butt.'
As for junk food, the singer burns off every mouthful.
'She’s in the gym five or six days a week and a full-time mother,' Winhoffer added. 'If I feel low I look to her and think, 'If she can do it, I have no excuse'.'



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I totally get that she needs to stay in shape for her shows, because they are physically demanding. But she doesn't exactly dance for two hours as she usually claims, more like one hour or even less. I just find her obsession about her body sad. No fault in wanting to stay in shape and be healthy, but this is on a whole other level. And of course she has time for the daily visits to the gym, since she has several nannies. I remember the day when David was adopted and she hit the gym for several hours. Quite sad...


Oh man I wished I had these "fat" tights!

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