Madonna And Psy: 'Give It 2 Me Gangnam Style'
MDNA Fan Pictures: Charlotte (Part 2)

'Sky Miles? What the hell am I gonna do with that?'

madonnalicious reader Kevin shares his pictures and story from the MDNA show in Charlotte that took place on Thursday 15 November:

It was amazing! We bought the VIP ticket, and ended up on the THIRD row! The party was great, there was a buffet, and open bar. They were playing Madonna songs, and her Sticky and Sweet tour was playing on a big screen. We went down to our seats around 9:30pm, and Madonna did not come on stage until 11:00pm! The crowd was getting kind of angry, they started a wave that went all around the arena, clapping, chanting, etc. I think everyone forgot though when she hit the stage!
The show was amazing. My favorite part was when she sang Like A Virgin down at the end of the catwalk. She asked people to throw money on stage for the Hurricane Sandy victims. Someone threw a wallet on stage, and she was going through it. At one point, she said, 'Sky Miles? What the hell am I gonna do with that?' Also, she asked for a tissue from someone, blew her nose in it, and handed it back to them! It was awesome! Great show!


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I'm sorry but mdna is even better than the last album. Bu I hate her because she is letting isk what idiot to manage her album. Why do go on your with an album that has zero advertisement? No body knows mdna songs other than girl gone wild, she has only release 2 singles! And the. She goes on tour singing 9 songs from tha album? Whatttt? Madonna you have not promote this album an people who is going I your concer is spec ting to hear your succesfull tracks!!!! But you only Sang 5 tracks from the 80s and to top it off ! You do t sing the whole song! Just chuncks of it.


"...what's rude is sitting down in a chair and complaining about a wait when a 54yo woman is about to dance and sing non-stop for 2hrs. Talk about rude!" T

1) Why is her age relevant?

2) Concerts usually ARE about the artist performing for circa two hours - DOH!

3) Given the amount of political lecturing M has done on this tour and the way she drones on and on and on and on and on and on and on, she isn't dancing and singing non-stop for two hours.

4) If *I* pay money to see M, why the f-c-u-k should *I* be grateful? SHE should be grateful that *I* - and the other ticket-buying public - have deigned to give HER our hard-earned bucks, especially given the utter trash - 'M.D.N.A.' - that underpins this tour.

Madonna is now so out of touch with what her fans want, it is jaw-dropping in its arrogance.

Before the teenage mudslinging starts: No, I am not a 'hater' (yawn); Yes, I am a fan (yawn).


I agree. Being so late is just disrespectful. I can handle 1 1/2 hours like the other shows. I will go to the next show, but honestly, she probably lost a lot of concert goers for the next one if she does another show.
I am a fan since 1984, and will be forever but listen to your customers and fix the problem (I guess too late at this point). But, one cannot be blind and when things are not right, they are not. As a result, you have a 3 star average rating on ticktetmaster for a show worth 5.
Again, being a fan doesn't mean everything is perfect. Hopefully, she will surprise us with an awesome Dvd. I can't wait!


well said @ paul harvey!!!! hear hear!!! xx

paul harvey

As a huge Madonna fan for the last 30years, it was extremely disappointing how she turned a high energy night into a nightmare.The nov 19th concert in Miami was nothing short of a complete disaster.Paul Oakenfold had the crowed jumping and dancing.Her musical director announced that the concert was being filmed for the dvd.The crowed went nuts,shouting and screaming as the cameras roved around the arena.Her lateness saped the energy out of room.People with prime and very visible seats left before and during the show.There is no way in hell can the footage of this show be used without enourmace editing.Workers not officials said she was rehearsing at 7pm.That is absolutely insane and that is the main reason why she was late.Her people stated that she was late due to technical difficulties.The way the cameras were moving around the stadium made that report false.The bigger issue is this has been a common occurance.This is where a strong manager needs to assert himself.Guy Oseary is weak and a 'yes boy'.It is up to Live Nation to step up or maybe Liz Rosenberg to address the situation.Miami is a huge market and the amount of bad press she is currently recieving could be damaging in the future.This is why when celebrities has 'yes people'around them who cannot keep them in check bad things happen.On the bright side thank God Madonna's problem is tardiness and not drugs.If that was the case the result could be fatal.


"I mean how often you will have the chance to party with MADONNA LIVE ? Really ??

Posted by: JC | Monday, 19 November 2012 at 09:22 PM"

In recent years? Loads of times! Hell, 'S&S' was even a double visit to get more dollars from the wallets! Live Nation demands its pound of flesh from its artists... The mystique has gone, as has M's enthusiasm - hence the ridiculously late start times.


I don't care if it is on porpoise or not. She came out at 11:20 in Miami. More than 3 h late. I am feeling So sleepy at my work right now... People got very angry and shouted BS several times before she came out. The workst was that there was a lot of 30+ 40+ even 50+ people in the audience that didnt stayed until the end of the able. I saw with my eyes a lot of people leaving before she came out and u could see a a considerable amount of empty seats by the middle of her show. That was sad. If it would have been Friday or Saturday ok, but it wasn't.

Another thing I didn't like is that Many of the tracks were no a full song, instead chunks of the song!


lol@people complaining about the time Madonna goes on. If you don't like the time, sell your tickets and don't go. She is the performer and she does not have to start at 8pm like the ticket states. It isn't being rude to her fans, what's rude is sitting down in a chair and complaining about a wait when a 54yo woman is about to dance and sing non-stop for 2hrs. Talk about rude!

Get off your lazy asses and move or, again, DON'T GO!!!!

Stop being rude. Madonna is being an entertainer.


She's prepping for Latin America ! But by US standards, I would say that 10 is much more tolerable than 11 -- particularly for public transport that doesn't run all night and fans can't wait while the
the party seamlessly flows into the morning.


i doubt madonna feels the need to "work" on anything with 50 shows in and only a couple handfuls left to go!


Oh come on people ! I you go to see Madonna is like you are going to clubbing ! If you have to work the next day ask for some hours in advance I mean how often you will have the chance to party with MADONNA LIVE ? Really ??

I hope that wallet has money cause other wise will be very lame to do that and not taking serious about help that people who is suffering because if the huracane.


@patrick-a lot of people cant relax & enjoy the show-especially when theyre relying on trains etc to get home & have travelled a long way for the gig!!! at the recent hyde park & birmingham gigs lots of people were leaving halfway through the show so they wouldnt be stranded in a strange city with no hope of getting a hotel-or no extra cash for one-as theyve already paid a fortune out for tickets!!!as i mentioned before-i was stranded in london after one of her gigs-that was fun!!!not!!!!& her lateness is nothing to do with it being a party!!!it is poor time management.she talked about it on the 'ellen' show.xx


I don't see why people are so upset about the time...okay, I can understand if you have to work the next day...BUT this clearly isn't about time management. She's "late" on purpose. Her show is supposed to be a party and a good party doesn't start at 8. When you go out, you go out at 10 or 11. I will agree that perhaps the ticket time should actually say 10pm or something later so people are aware but by now everyone should be aware that the show isn't starting right at 8. Just enjoy the show people!


Hey Madge - Sky Miles go a long way! :)

Agreed that she needs to work on her time management issues. It's beyond the point of ridiculousness now. Come on? 10:30? 11:00?!


I have to agree that time management was a real issue on this tour and will make me think twice about the next time. This 40+ old just doesn't have the energy anymore to get home at 2:00 a.m. on a weeknight. I have the disposable income, but not the patience to wait 2+ hours again. A far try from previous tours and I just don't understand why - she prided herself by always being on time. It just really is inconsiderate. No other major act does this. M is great, the show is great, but it's hard to overlook the utter disregard for others' lives.


11 pm was late! VIP Party was great, loved it. I was right around where she was looking at the wallet! It was a great show, and worth the wait. I liked when she said something like, "Do you all swear in North Carolina?" So funny.


Great pics! M looks so fresh faced.


Sky Miles! That's too funny! I hope someone has a clip of that so we can see!


11pm?????!!!!!! no wonder fans were getting angry.i do not beleive her utter disrespect for her fans!!! i will accept that occaisionally things happen sometimes that make you late-but every single night??!!!!i dont buy it.does she not think that us mere mortals have to get home via public transport-trains etc??that we also have jobs to go to the next day exhausted?? that people who live nearby may not want noise still going on after 1am??? she would not accept someone treating her that way-she would be enraged!!!!! i ended up with pnumonia after seeing madge once at wembley-we missed our last train home & had to sleep on euston station floor!!!! my family thought i was going to die,i was so ill.i also will not accept fans who might comment saying what an honour it is to see her blah blah blah!!! ive seen her many times over the years-but its my hard earned cash(& of course other fans) that pay for her luxury lifestyle & that have kept her at the top for the last 30 years!!!!she should think about that more often!!!thats it-rant over,lol!!!xxxxx


Madonna really needs to work out her time management issues, not appearing on stage until 11:00pm is just so rude to her fans! Madonna admitted on 'Ellen' that Guy Osery has been on her case about being late starting her concerts, this is beyond a joke now! If you are consistently a few hours late, then rearrange your day so you will be on time. I hope that Madonna is OK, because this 2012 behaviour is uncharacteristic for her!


Who in the world would throw their wallet on stage? I wonder if they got it back. lol

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