Monte Pittman Shows in Detroit and Cleveland
Video: Madonna's Election Night Speech in Pittsburgh


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@Gone: in fact, it is on today at £1.99!!!! Now, that really is bargain basement! I am shocked!


@T: In the UK, HMV were selling MDNA in store for £2.99 even before the tour began. At the time of writing, it is also available on for £2.05. Check it out. Likewise, it is currently on for $5.49 - hugely discounted, especially given that M is still touring with this album (and is until December).

That IS bargain bin.

Su'ellen is correct, however blinkered a Stan you are.


lol@su ellen - yeee haw!

MDNA isn't in any bargain bin. lmao. I wish it was so I could buy more! :)


MDNA needs more than repackaging! I have never known an M album be in the bargain bin so quickly after its initial release :-(


The Beautiful image of Madonna on the black shirt would have made a better cover for the MDNA LP. I wish Madonna would release a special 'MDNA Tour Edition', with a disc of Remixes & 'Justify My Love 2012' etc- yes, I know I'm probably dreaming! However, Madonna did release a special Tour Edition of her 'Music' LP- 'MDNA' LP needs a repackage to bring it back to life, and with Xmas on the way...Guy Osery are you listening??

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