MDNA Fan Pictures: Madison Square Garden (Part 3)
Events: The Offical MDNA Tour Party in Miami

MDNA Tour DVD To Be Filmed In Miami!

We are happy to announce that Madonna's MDNA Tour DVD will be filmed in Miami on November 19th and 20th!
If you are to attend one of Miami shows, get ready 'to dance and sing, to get up and do your thing' as you could make it in the final cut...
Fan club members: We are to launch the devoted Golden Triangle contest very soon. This time, we will pick winners out of the most amazing/fun looks, so go ahead and surprise us.



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yes Peter, would like to see her do the Paris Olympia version of just "Beautiful Killer", and trade out "Revolver". Also keep the pants OFF for the DVD. We missed that because we saw her before she honored "the promise". I hope she doesn't do a PG rating for the release.Otherwise it's great for her to get it in the can here instead of waiting to get through SA. Hopefully we'll see a release and an HBO special in 2013!


@Will/ Peter- I agree with your DVD hopes/sentiments exactly!! I don't understand why ALL Madonna's previous Live Releases have been restricted to a single Audio CD format & thus we don't get ALL the songs from the concert- Madonna should study Kylie Minogue's Live Concert Release Formats, she always gets it right! It's strange that Madonna filmed her concert in Paris & now again in Miami- Madonna probably did this due to the subtle changes in the setlist & costumes that have taken place as the tour has evolved over time. I hope the Miami Concert includes the additional tracks 'Love Spent', 'Holiday', 'Give It 2 Me', 'Music', & that wonderful duet that ALL the fans love "Gangnam Style"!!!


The French film was probably a trial run to position for lighting, camera angles, juxtaposition of shots, etc. I couldn't believe they would be taping for real so early in the lineup.

Kevin T

Yes Paris was filmed. For whatever reason they did not choose to use that for the DVD.


no-just checked-i didnt imagine it-if you archive madonnalicious on saturday 14th july-its there!!! filming was taking place in france too!!!xxx


i was sure that madonnalicious reported ages ago-they were filming in france(not the little intimate gig)-just before she came to england ;) i am positive you posted pictures of signs outside the gig saying filming was taking place that night & by entering the venue you consented to being filmed.did i dream this????xx


Oh no Miami ? I heard the public sucks over there no energy at all with those rep. Please film that again in South America and yes it has to include a full concert Cd and the video should be no to edited so seems more real.

Well lucky Miami and I hope you bitches appreciate this. Gosh the second night in Vegas was amazing that should be filmed. Bummer.

Kevin T

Do we know who is directing it?


Lets hope the Live CD has all the songs not just a select few this time around; in otherwords please Madonna do a live CD like Kylie, i.e. all songs.


1. The DVD/Bluray should full show with some behind the scenes footage, not the other way around like the Re-Invention Tour.
2. It should not be overproduced like the S&S Tour, my goodness that was awful.
3. It should include a full CD of the concert. Anything else others would like to see?


Cool! I hope there are not anymore belt incidents or fan "pull me down to the floor" during this show, lol!
Awesome that it will be MDNA MIAMI!

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