MDNA Fan Pictures: Madison Square Garden (Part 2)
MDNA Tour DVD To Be Filmed In Miami!


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Is like the view I had in Las Vegas, just from the opposite site. Awesome pictures!


Great pictures, thank you for sharing them with us!!


L-U-V Picture 1- It conveys just how high that suspended marching band is above the stage, & the unique 'moving squares' portion of the stage. The other pictures reveal just how large & intricate the stage is- Madonna has a lot of stage to cover during her concerts, it must be exhausting for her! I admire Madonna's ability/ desire to continue working hard in her concerts- after all these years she could choose a less demanding style of concert, but Madonna never takes the lazy approach. On a different topic- I wish Madonna & her record company did release something special to celebrate her 30th year in music, of corse her 1st LP wasn't released until mid 83 so maybe they might do something next year fingers crossed.

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