MDNA Fan Pictures: Mexico City (Part 1)
Second Night in Mexico City Speech

Madonna Tops Billboard's Hot Tours Again!

Madonna claims the No. 1 ranking on the weekly tally of Hot Tours for the fifth time since the launch of her blockbuster MDNA Tour that has been playing concert venues in Europe and North America since the end of May.

Ticket revenue reported during the past week surpasses the $60 million mark from performances that occurred during October and November in 18 U.S. cities. With two-show runs at venues in Seattle, San Jose, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Houston, St. Paul and New York City, the overall attendance count from six weeks of concerts totals 336,386.

With $233 million already logged from 74 shows and a string of stadium performances scheduled in South American cities through December 22, the MDNA Tour is on track to potentially rank among the 10 top-grossing tours of all time. Madonna¹s top-grossing tour so far is Sticky & Sweet Tour (2008-2009) that generated more than $407 million in ticket sales and ranks fourth all-time on the Boxscore tally.

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@JC- Thankyou for taking the time to answer my question! I'm glad 'Love Spent' & 'Give It 2 Me' made it into the setlist for the filmed show. Thanks again!


@NGL, She sang Love Spent and Give it 2Me, She didnt sing Music or Holiday and didn't have any special guest appearances...


madonna's tour averages $3,1 million and 23,000 people per show,(233 million from 74 shows) she's expected to make around 270 million eventually.gagas tour averages $1,9 million and 17,000 people per show (127 million from 66 shows).its expected to make like 225 million in the she's definately not going after madonna's record.she needs 100 more shows to do that.she wont even surpass madonnas current tour.and if Live Nation bought gaga a plane for making 127 million,welll i guess they shoud buy madonna two planes :-)
cant wait for the dvd!


Does anyone know yet when we can expect the 'MDNA Tour: DVD' to be released? The concert was filmed in Miami, did Madonna change up her setlist- did she sing 'Love Spent', 'Holiday', 'Give it 2 Me/ Music' etc??? Desperately Seeking Details!!


I surprised at how little money Madonna's Long 'MDNA Tour'($233 M) has made, compared to the 'Sticky & Sweet Tour' ($407 M), if these figures quoted are accurate- nevertheless, she won't need to visit the soup kitchens any time soon! I doubt that Madonna would do a second leg of her 'MDNA Tour' next year, she has already said she wouldn't & stated her reasons, something about her kids needing her. The best her Oz fans can expect is watching her tour on DVD again!

paul harvey

Is there a possibility of her doing a second leg of the tour next year like the Sticky & Sweet in 08 and 09? I Think GaGa is going after the record with her current tour.If I am not mistaken Live Nation bought her a plane due to the success of her tour.

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