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Madonna Selling New York Pad

Madonna is selling off her Harperley Hall home in New York for a whopping $23.5 million (£14.7 million).
The pop superstar bought the six-bedroom Upper West Side penthouse in 2009 for a reported $32.5 million (£20.3 million), and has spent millions more renovating the pad, which takes up two storeys in the co-operative.
The place comes with views over Central Park, a library and an eat-in kitchen, according to
The interior features the touch of Madonna's decorator brother Christopher Ciccone.



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Ito and Robert are correct. The UWS home is famously her residence in NY since the 80's - the 2009 purchase is the UES compound. Also, Markie is correct that she owns tons of real estate all over. Leave it to the fans to correct the reporting. :)

paul harvey

This finally makes sense because I could not comprehen why she would undertake such a huge financial loss.She usually makes a profit of 5m+ whenever she sells due to her name.In 1992, while renting a mansion to work on her Sex book in Miami,she purchased that house for 4.9m.The owner, David Gray (a chief executive of Burdines)originally bought the property for 2m in the late 80's.The owner had no intention in selling the property,but Madonna kept increasing her bid and gave him a deal he could not refuse.She later sold it for 8m to a dog (and I am dead serious).


Yeah, this info is wrong. The Harperley Hall unit, as has already been said, was purchased originally in 1985 and has been expanded over time to now include what were six separate contigous apartments. Now that the renovations are likely done in her UES triple-wide townhouse (which she purchased in 2009 for $32.5 million, NOT the Harperley Hall), she is likely looking to unload this unit. She still has her L.A. home, which is on the market for aprox. $12 million, this appart from her Wild Ocean farm in the Hamptons, and what (according to some sources) might be up to six prime properties in London. She sold off her Miami property in the late 90's-early -2000's.


For obvious reasons, very high profile people have to be careful about disclosing all their property details. For example, in London, Madonna used to be photographed arriving at and leaving from her Marylebone (Marble Arch) house. But it is a pretty poorly kept secret that she does, in fact, own a number of properties in London (but not registered directly in her name... ;-) )

I have to say that, given how little time she spends in the UK now, it surprises me that she has not divested of her UK properties.

Dana D' Allessandro

The Year of her purchase is incorrect, she's been at that condo since the 80's.


I thought Madonna had a falling out with her decorator brother Christopher, & he then wrote a tell all book in 2008 & this further destroyed any relationship they had left- so I don't believe the article's claim that Madonna's 2009 purchased pad was decorated by her brother! Madonna probably owns a variety of pads in NY & is selling one of them & the writer of this article is getting things confused. I'm confused! Does Madonna still own her home in Miami, that she purchased in the early 90's? Did Madonna sell her Hollywood mansion that she painted in yellow & red stripes? Does she still own property in London, or has she fully relocated to the US post Guy Ritchie?


Peter: Madonna has a portfolio of properties! Just because she is selling one does not mean she is leaving New York!

As Robert said, she bought another property in NY in 2009, after her divorce from Guy Ritchie. This is a townhouse where she lives when she is in NY.


Madonna bought her current NYC home in 2009, not the home in Harpley Hall. The Harpley Hall home is comprised of three units that she has combined over the years with the first unit being purchased way back when her and Sean Penn were married.


If all this is true... Where is she relocating??? She always said she loved NY! Is she leaving? She might have places elsewhere (LA, London I think...) but I don't understand...

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