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Madonna Raises $60,000 For Sandy Relief

Madonna reportedly raised $60,000 (£37,500) in donations for victims of superstorm Sandy by baring her butt on stage at a show in New York City.
The pop superstar visited one of the areas worst affected by the disaster during her trip to New York this month), and she was inspired to help raise money for relief efforts when she took to the stage at Madison Square Garden on Monday.
She dropped her trousers to show her butt and ordered fans to throw money on stage, and she also pulled a similar stunt during her Tuesday night concert at the same venue.
Madonna's risque fundraising tactic appears to have paid off as she collected $60,000 (£37,500) in donations, according to the New York Post's Page Six column.
The total came from two nights of onstage donations, as well as contributions from her production team and other associates.



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I can't believe she got that much money from the first few rows that were able to throw it. Imagine what designated boxes by the doors would have raised. And aren't private donations the very definition of charity ? Madonna herself has always been committed to helping behind the scenes it is very likely IMO she has quietly sent in a large check.


Carrie Underwood donated all the proceeds from a sold-out show in New Jersey saying she wouldn't feel right making any money off the show. Madonna plays New York, where she lives, and asks fans to donate. I think that is good if it was in addition to Madonna donating the proceeds of her show.

I adore Madonna and love her in concert, but I hate that all these singers making less than her are being so magnanimous and not Madonna with her concert.


I am disappointed. Nice her fans did that. But where is her donation? Lesser stars than her donated proceeds from a show. Madonna is wealthy. I don't even like Gaga but she gave a million.

George Trester

WOW! That's great.. Um, wait... I thought she was a smart woman--why not donate the proceeds from her shows in NYC to those affected by Hurricane Sandy? With the going rate for tickets she could have donated 1-2 million dollars.. NOW THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN a donation.


This is Great, but Madonna should make a Large Personal Donation for Sandy relief. Madonna is Rich beyond belief, so she can easily afford a Big Donation- $60,000 is not going to provide much relief, the damage Sandy created is Enormous & will be Very Expensive to fix up. Nevertheless, at least Madonna is trying to do something Proactive & Positive to help with Sandy Relief. I L-U-V Humanitarian Madonna!

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