MDNA Fan Pictures: Miami (Part 1)
Video: First Night Mexico City MDNA Speech


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I must be the exception to the rule here, but I think Madonna always gives great interviews! Many people perceive Madonna's interview attitude as cold, remote, guarded etc- however I perceive it differently, I think it's Madonna being relaxed & quietly confident, and I like that about her! During interviews nothing appears to ruffle Madonna's feathers & I admire this about her.


Luciano Huck (and his wife Angelica) are friends with Guy Oseary and his (brazilian) wife top model Michelle Alves, so probably Madonna did that interview as a favor for Guy Oseary !!


What a great intimate interview, was so nice to see her relaxed for once and not forced......however I was longing for a "no, because that would be compromising my artistic integrity" moment as she was eating the soup!


Loved!, it would've been cool to see her take her makeup off while chatting.... I like the barefoot thing, she is so humble and lovely.


I watched this & her demeanor was so sweet & natural. Nothing seemed forced & she wasn't being cold and guarded per her usual interviews.

It was so intimate in her bathroom on the floor sitting barefoot just soon after her performing on stage. She must have really liked and trusted Luciano Hick, whoever the hell he is.

I smile every time I see Rocco.


this woman is too cool to be true :) and has beautiful eyes...

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