Video: Madison Square Garden First Night Speech
Video: 'Give It 2 Me / Gangnam Style / Music'

Madonna goes Gangnam Style with Psy

Madonna has gone Gangnam Style with a surprise guest at her latest gig - South Korean rapper Psy.
The pair danced to Psy's chart-topping song and to her track Music in front of nearly 20,000 people at Tuesday's show at New York's Madison Square Garden.
The Queen of Pop said that she was a big fan of the rapper, who flew 'all the way from Frankfurt, Germany this morning', and that she loved his bright red suit.
She matched his ensemble with red knickers under her black outfit, that she flashed at the star.
Psy said that performing with Madonna was 'one of the most amazing experiences' of recent months.
Madonna also collected money for those affected by Superstorm Sandy, with fans throwing cash on stage when she sang Like A Virgin.
She said she had collected 3,000 dollars at Monday's show at the same venue.

From Press Association Via Yahoo! News


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@LLH- Because the Kabbalah says so!


"Why doesn't Mega-Rich Madonna just make a Large Personal Donation for Sandy victims?"

Why should she? And don't tell me because she has money, which by the way, is money she has/is working for.
I don't understand why society always expects the rich to give. They don't have to.


the donation was not included on the profit and loss statement of MDNA Tour. that's why they need a campaign.


Why doesn't Mega-Rich Madonna just make a Large Personal Donation for Sandy victims? IMPO imploring her fans to donate money is a bit much, considering how much money they have already paid just to see her in concert.

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