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Madonna Fan Convicted Of Resisting Arrest

An overzealous Madonna fan has been convicted of resisting arrest after police detained him outside the singer's New York home in 2010.
Former firefighter Robert Linhart reportedly parked his car outside Madonna's apartment block, laid out a huge canvas and spray-painted love notes addressed to the superstar.
He was detained by police, but was accused of resisting arrest on 21 September, 2010.
Linhart denied the allegation, but was found guilty on Friday after a trial in the Big Apple and he now faces up to a year in jail, according to the New York Post.
He was acquitted of a second charge of resisting arrest stemming from a run in with police several days earlier on 18 September, 2010.



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hi ngl.mustve been so scary-i remember all that detail though too-making her give evidence!!!shocking-& then to say it was her,creating a publicity stunt!!!& was so upset when versace was murdered :( i actually meant why had it had taken 2 years to convict this recent guy though,not robert,lol.i love reading your posts-always entertaining :) xxx


@CLK & tracy- You are both exactly right. In 1995 (before she had kids) a stalker called Robert Hoskins terrorized Madonna with endless sick alternating messages- expressing his 'love' for her and claiming they were 'married' & at other times describing in chilling detail how he would kill her. He ended up scaling the wall at one of her homes, thankfully Madonna was not home at the time, anyway one of her guards at the house shot him in the arm & this lead to the criminal trial. BUT here is the CRAZIEST thing of all, under LAW Madonna was required to testify IN PERSON at the trial & if she didn't SHE FACED POTENTIAL CHARGES/ JAIL!! Madonna was absolutely against appearing at the trial, she rightly felt that appearing in front of the stalker would be giving him what he wanted which was her attention- she begged the court to reconsider their demands of her & she suggested appearing via video link but they refused. Madonna was a busy woman in 94/95 so that is partly why the court date took so long. Anyway, when in court Madonna wisely chose to totally ignore Hoskins & she never made eyesight with him- she said she didn't want to give him any more control over her or to play into his sick fantasies. Nevertheless, Madonna still had to testify & talk about the ordeal in front of her stalker, & his legal team tried to suggest that Madonna had created the whole thing as an attention seeking publicity stunt! Thankfully Justice Prevailed & Hoskins Was Found Guilty & Locked Away. In 1997 Versace (& others) were gunned down by another serial killer, after an extensive manhunt the police finally found this man dead- amoung his documents was a celebrity hitlist with Madonna's name on it! The horror these events in 97 inspired Madonna's song 'Swim'.


i remember him-robert hoskins.fame does have its downside definately.wnder why it took over two years to convict him though??seems a long time.xx


Yeah remember that stalker in the mid 90's that she had to testify against? He threatened to "cut her ear to ear" if he didn't marry her. How scary must it be to hear that from someone? That was before she had kids too, I think.


Sometimes I think we forget the unfortunate 'price of fame' that celebrities such as Madonna face. Madonna addressed some of these issues on the great but rare Madonna song "Goodbye To Innocence". It must be hard dealing with stalkers, but Madonna seems to have found a healthy way to cope with it for both herself & her kids- thankfully she has never made her kids wear masks or chosen to isolate herself from the world.


I love her, but not to go to jail for.

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