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Video: Last Night In Miami MDNA Speech

Madonna Enlists Fans For Film Project In Miami

Madonna closed out her North American tour on Tuesday night by encouraging fans to join in a special movie project filmed at her final gigs in Miami, Florida.
The pop superstar wrapped up the North American leg of her MDNA shows with a pair of concerts at the American Airlines Arena on Monday and Tuesday.
Ahead of the shows, the singer informed fans she would be filming a tour DVD at the Miami shows and she also asked gig-goers to take part in the 'MDNA Film Project'.
Fans were instructed to download a special app and film Madonna's rendition of her track Give Me All Your Luvin', before uploading the footage using the software.
The fan-filmed footage will later be edited together into a unique video.

From contactmusic.com


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I went to the Nov. 19th show and would have downloaded the app had we been informed about it. I didn't read anywhere that they were requiring an app download first. :( All that happened was that Kevin, M's musical director, came out and told the crowd to be excited and responsive to M, which was a bit of a task, considering we waited (and waited) until 11:15 for her to appear. The show was great, though. She was fantastic.


uk doesnt have blond ambition either!!! :( probably her best tour aswell,imho.xxx


Yeah, i hope this thing is separate too, i couldn't attend this tour, so i'd like to be able to see the whole thing.

I'd love to know what's happening with the past tours, including, Blond Ambition being released on Blu-Ray, read about that a year or two ago, love to know if it's actually happening. The performances on the Truth Or Dare Blu-Ray are phenomenal, so if they were able to do update that footage, i'm sure they can with the rest of the BA tour and the other tours!!


I hope the 'MDNA Tour Project' is something separate to, and does not replace the release the Full 'MDNA Concert Tour' on DVD. I am amazed that 'RIT 2004' is still not available on DVD- instead we got a boring behind the scenes film 'IGTYAS' with only 16 minutes of live concert footage! Furthermore, in Australia we still don't have the full 'Blond Ambition Tour 90' on DVD- & we don't even have the 'Truth or Dare' BluRay DVD (thanks to region coding my imported copy doesn't work)!

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