Events: Madanni Trannie and Madonna Celebrate goes M.D.N.A.
Madonna and Johnnie Walker: 'Keep Walking'


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@ W.E.- I agree with your sentiments 100%! Madonna really needs to focus on making Great Studio Music Again- Better Music with Better Lyrics. As a longtime Madonna fan I know that Madonna is Capable of making MUCH better music than what she has created in recent times- IMPO her recent music is good but not great. Madonna needs to resume 'travelling down {her} own road" again & she needs to concentrate on being her own Unique, Talented, Original Self & make Amazing Music again! I will not renounce all hope, I look forward to another Great Madonna Musical Masterpiece.


T: are you 12yo? Why not just say Lady GaGa? Or do you have some utterly bizarre predictive text on your keyboard?

Anyway, Little Monsters wouldn't waste their time posting about Grandma Madge, seeing as we're in to name calling, apparently!

I love Madonna, but she now sooooooooooooooooanbry needs to take a break and think about refocussing on making GOOD music!

Mike F.

She is probably annoyed because this also happened in Dallas 2 nights before. The belt came undone and so did her pants. In Dallas though, she was able to resecure the belt before moving on with the choreography.


Lol@the lady goober fans on here. When did madonna ever claim she sings every song live? She danced her ass off, perfectly I might add and sings at least 80% of the show live. Don't like it? Don't go. Go watch lady goober on your. She is an excellent dancer and claims she always sings live and never uses a backing track. LOL!

Dear Jessie

FANTASTIC footage but - and I know I will get mauled for this - this is classic Mom doing karaoke and dancing at a wedding! Truly dreadful vocals and one-too-many dancing!

Love you, M, but this is, quite frankly, embarrassing :-s


@ngl: LOL! Get ready for a backlash from people on here - after all, look what happened when Elton said similar about M's live 'prowess' in concert...? ;-)


no wonder elton john had a problem with all the lip-syncing. ha ha ha


NGL, she's not hiding the fact that there is a back track for all the spoken parts of the song, not really 'mysterious' at all. Stop trying to stir up the pot.


Madonna does look understandably annoyed, it's just fortunate that the wardrobe malfunction took place during the final song in the concert. Isn't it mysterious that when Madonna tries to fix her costume, her microphone is placed on her waist, her mouth is closed - yet Madonna's vocals for 'Celebration' continue on note perfect the entire time!!


I LOVE HER annoyed face, she is such a perfectionist!!! What a trooper!!! I was in miami when she forgot her lyrics at the Confessions Tour and she was a trooper as well there!!

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