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US TV: 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' Tonight

A quick reminder for fans in the US - Madonna's appearance on 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' is broadcast tonight (check your local listings for times).

Here is another preview clip from the show. Let us know what you thought of the episode by hitting the 'Comments' button below this story.

Hopefully Madonna and Ellen will keep our East Coast readers distracted from the incoming Hurricane Sandy. Keep safe everyone!



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Madonna has never been a touchy feely person and I don't ever expect her to be. She has always been a little awkward in interviews and she has a very dry sense of humor which not everyone gets. I did enjoy the interview but I also found it to be a missed opportunity as far as promoting the new album. I was a little confused that she did not perform even one new song as she had the whole hour what baffled me more though was having her backup dancers dance to a prerecorded track and it was not even a song from MDNA. Overall I enjoyed the hour with Madonna and cannot wait to see her when she hits my city in a couple of weeks!!!!


I LOVE her but she never says anything in the interviews. Nothing new here. Honey, we do know that you're a perfectionist. :0) It's not a virtue if you ask me. It's very stressful.

I wish she would treat her fans better. Gaga said in her concert: "I feel like we're getting closer and closer every year." <3


Ellen was highly irritating in 'Ellen' the sit com and is highly irritating in 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show'.

Ellen IS irritating, all that faux bumbling, etc.!


I have finally seen the entire interview and overall I think it was great- it was a light-hearted, fun interview that shows that Madonna has a great sense of humour. Madonna is such a smart & articulate person, it's a shame that Ellen didn't ask Madonna some better questions, & give her a chance to respond without Ellen interupting her. When Oprah interviewed Madonna in '96, '98, '03... she asked Madonna great questions & Madonna was able to give nice, long & thoughtful answers- these interviews covered a lot of territory. During the Ellen interview Madonna did the best that she could under the circumstances, but Ellen wasted precious time with games, etc & didn't ask many decent questions- no questions were asked about the MDNA LP! It would have been nice if Madonna sang a song, one from her MDNA LP for promotion. It was strange watching her dancers perform without Madonna, to older prerecorded Madonna songs 'Candy Shop/ Erotica/ Candy Shop'- it was another lost opportunity for promotion of the 'MDNA' LP, they should have at least danced to an MDNA track. The 33 year old gay fan looked like he was expecting a hug, if body language is anything to go by, but he got nothing. In fairness to Madonna she is tiny & the large audience were wildly enthusiastic- she didn't want to run the risk of getting mobbed. It was a pleasant, fun interview- Madonna gave public the opportunity to see that she is down to earth & has a delightful sense of humour!


I live in Oz and I haven't seen the entire Ellen/ Madonna interview yet, just lots of YouTube 'extracts' from the interview- this Madonna interview appears great, it's lighthearted and fun. Correct me if I'm wrong, but Madonna doesn't sing- she has her backup dancers perform to her non-MDNA Lp songs 'Hard Candy', 'Into The Groove'?? This interview would have been great positive promotion for Madonna in the US, it's just a shame that a superstorm came and ruined her moment- but it goes without saying that the welfare of people in the US is more important than a TV interview!!!


Ellen in the US and Jonathan Ross/Graham Norton in the UK are "interviewers" from the same mould - they seldom let their guests get a word in edgeways. Such a waste. Although I think Madonna is a very cold creature (especially where interviews are concerned), it is no wonder, really, when the interviewers hardly let you speak!

@ albert G, Michael Caravetta and Ki Ann: PLEASE tell me you are kidding, right? Right? PEOPLE LOST THEIR LIVES, FFS.


love it, specially when she replied about elton, nice ass!!!!

Ki Ann

East Coast never aired Madonna on Ellen due to hurricane coverage :((
Wish they would air it again for those of us that missed it!!


on my second watch it was not bad madonna just seems out of place something just seems off to me


I thought the questions were great, how much more do we need to know about Madonna that we don't already (that she was going to answer that is)? Wondered why Madonna didn't give those fans hugs though, I think she is probably a bit cold when it comes to fan affection (at least in the "hugging" sense).


By Madonna being quiet and letting Ellen speak, M's spoke volumes about her character. I teared up at this as I remembered how horrible the people were to Ellen as she was a major celebrity coming out. I worked at one of the largest Ad Agency at the time (Young & Rubicam) and the head of the TV buying sent an email out to all at the agency saying no one at this agency should buy any TV spot on Ellen. It was a crushing blow to me as I was starting my career and not out. Glad to see Ellen resurected.


well, it was an "ellen" show after all. still, madonna acted strange.

Michael Cavaretta

East Coast fans didn't get the full Ellen Broadcast because of Hurricane Sandy. We can only watch "clips". ugggghhhh

Juan Jose Goldaracena

I love both of them!

albert G

Hurricane Sandy coverage trumping Madonna on Ellen!! Not happy!


I think it's great she is doing promotion for the tour and album!


a little to much ellen for my taste i came to watch madonna i'll watch again i dvr the show but im not a big ellen fan and she was a roadblock in madonna way i got a idea let madonna do the show for 1 hour


DO you think Madonna will get a chance to talk over Ellen...?

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