Madonna concert does not disappoint in gay-friendly Phoenix
Events: 'Queen of Pop Party' in Paris

'Some like it when I show my ass, others think it obscene'

madonnalicious reader Beatrix also shares this clip she filmed of Madonna explaining why she needs to show her ass during the show in Las Vegas on Saturday 13 October.

The other day a man came up to me and he said to me 'Why do you want to show your ass on stage?' and I said to him 'Why does anybody have to show their ass on stage?' - 'So they pay attention!'
Some people like it when I show my ass...And some people think it's obscene. Now here's what I think it's obscene: A lack of humanity towards one another - the fact that we, when push comes to shove, usually choose war over compromise, judgment over compassion, and fear over love. That is obscene.'


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Well said Liz


She is telling a story of an older woman divorced, broken, perhaps prostituting herself but looking to feel new, looking for love again. The performance is overwhelmingly theatrical, or as Madonna herself put it, cinematic musical theater. Would anyone protest nudity in a traditional stage or movie production ? It is sexy and courageous actually that she places herself in such a vulnerable position. I personally think she looks amazing, I don’t get the ageism, but it obviously is there and the stripped down moments are somehow a pushback against it.


Oh lord here we go again. Madonna has an amazing ass and has been posing nude since before she was famous. Don't like it? Move on to lady goober or Miley cyrus


Say's SHE who talks negatively about other artists!


I was there and the show was amazing !! And bare that ass on the stage in the way of protest is the best plus Madonna has a body of a really perfect athletic woman. SHE IS HOT !

She is not your bitch don't hang your shit on her !!
She is hot hot hot. Hot !!


Oh please Madonna, its a bit of a stretch equating the merits of baring your ass on stage to acts of war/man's inhumanity to man! I think the question the man asked her was a very good one, Why? IMHO it's highly inappropriate to bear your backside on stage in front of thousands of people, the same goes for fingering yourself! Many longtime Madonna fans feel like me about this recent behaviour, we believed she left all that nonsese behind after 1993! Between 1994-2011 Madonna toned down aspects of her persona/stage act & her career was still Very Successful!! I don't understand why Madonna has decided to go back to the sex stuff, it nearly killed her career in the early 90's & she only survived by letting it go and relying on her Talent for many years. Please Madonna rely on your obvious Talent, you're too good to act this bad!

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