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Madame Tussauds Las Vegas unveils wax figure of Madonna

Sean Penn watches Madonna in concert in Los Angeles

Sean Penn couldn't take his eyes off Madonna at her concert in Los Angeles on Thursday.
The 'Milk' actor - who had a stormy four-year marriage to the singer from 1985 to 1989 - attended her show at the Staples Center and onlookers revealed he was quite impressed with her raunchy stage performance.
A source told RadarOnline: 'He was practically panting. Every time she thrusted or bent over, he was like 'Oh, man! I can't take this! She is too hot!'
Despite their volatile marriage, there is no bad blood between the pair and Madonna reportedly even teased Sean from the stage.
The witness said: 'At one point she stared Sean dead in the face, smiled, unzipped her pants, and mooned the crowd, but it was really like she was mooning Sean! He laughed and clutched his chest like he was going to pass out. She was wearing a black lacey thong, and her butt looked perfect! So smooth and a 20 year old's!'
Meanwhile, Sean went backstage to congratulate Madonna after her performance and witnesses said he was 'like a teenage boy meeting his idol. It was amusing, and kind of cute'.



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traci frost

that is a completely fabricated story i was literally at the very front and he was on the side of the stage and they did not make eye contact for the whole entire show!


Changing from a 23-year-old boyfriend to someone her own age might be a bit of a rude awakening in a few ways.


i agree-they were both young & quite new to showbusiness when they married!!-that didnt help.who knows-now theyre older?? i loved that award ceramony-it was so cute!!!she still absolutely craves the limelight though-so could it work??? he still hates it!! it would be quite amazing though after all these years-i must be a hopeless romantic too.xx


I wonder how Sean Penn felt when Madonna performed 'Express Yourself'- this mega-hit song was inspired by Madonna's divorce from Sean Penn, and is about not taking second best in a relationship etc! Nevertheless, it would be kind of amazing if Madonna & Sean Penn were to get back together again! Madonna did say that Sean Penn was THE Love of her life, & she said this after they were divorced. Sean surprised Madonna in 1995, when she went to collect an award/s at a Industry event, he presented her with one on stage and she looked astonished! I know I'm a hopeless romantic, but IMO it would be wonderful to see them back together again!! Madonna's music is always better when she is madly in love- it's more joyous, hopeful, and inspiring. The 'True Blue' LP was created when Madonna and Sean were newlyweds, it's dedicated to Sean 'the coolest guy in the universe'. This remains her biggest selling album and it is one of her most enduring-a classic. Madonna performs songs from this LP on every tour, especially on her latest tour!

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