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Inside 'The Ellen Show' taping

madonnalicious reader Randy was at 'The Ellen Show' taping that took place on Tuesday 09 October in Los Angeles:

I was at the Ellen Show on Tuesday when Madonna made a surprise appearance. After the first taping, which aired today, they kept us in the studio and said they had a surprise for us. It was Madonna. She taped the full hour, wore her Gaultier costume with the 'cones' and gave one to Ellen to wear too for part of the interview.
Her dancers showed some of their moves and they did give away the MDNA CD, the Addicted to Sweat DVD, a bottle of her Truth or Dare perfume and a pair of shoes from her collection to each audience member. Rocco was there too and played a dunk tank game with Madonna and Ellen.
I had taken some pics during the interview, but they made me delete them during a break from the show!
I came to L.A. for tonight's MDNA show and just happened to be at Ellen yesterday. It was great!

Madonna's MDNA tour by the numbers

At last the 'tour by numbers' list for the MDNA has finally surfaced - usually it is produced and published by Liz Rosenberg on the night before the tour begins but it was finally published yesterday by the

Madonna's MDNA tour has gotten plenty of ink for what the pop performer has done onstage.
But while bared breasts, firearms, religion, Nazi imagery and odd presidential endorsements have dominated conversations about the tour, Pop & Hiss is more interested in what keeps the show together.
Before her latest world tour stops at Staples Center on Wednesday and Thursday nights, we checked in with Team Madonna to gather some facts about what has gone into the show, which reportedly could become one of the top 10 biggest tours of all time.
Here’s a breakdown of Madonna’s MDNA show by the numbers:

2.1 million fans are expected to have seen the show by the time it wraps in South America.
72,000 fans saw Madonna’s sold-out show in Quebec, the largest attendance of the entire tour.
16,630 miles of road were traveled during the U.S. leg alone.
700 wardrobe pieces are required for all the performers onstage.
410 bottles of aspirin have been used, so far, by the 130-person crew.
374 is the weight, in tons, of Madonna’s massive stage.
116 minutes of approximate stage time for the Material Girl, unless she adds 'Holiday' to the night's setlist.
90 speakers are hung onstage.
89 shows in total in 28 different countries - 18 of those stops were in cities where Madonna had never performed.
29 trucks carry the tour’s production (36 will be required for the South American leg).
24 guitars are used by Madonna and her band each night.
16 different salad dressings at required by the crew for nightly craft services.
15 buses to take the show from city to city.
9 drummers soar in the air during 'Express Yourself,' with another 9 on the floor.
7 songs from Madonna's latest album, 'MDNA,' are on the setlist.
4 customized microphones in gold, silver, chrome and black are used by Madonna during the show.
3 physical therapists are on hand for the 22 dancers.
1 son of Madonna, 12-year-old Rocco, also performs in the show.

Madonna tapes 'The Ellen Show' appearance

Madonna taped a full episode of 'The Ellen Show' in Los Angeles yesterday - the show will air in the US on Monday 29 October.

Speedylegz, one of Madonna's MDNA tour dancers also posted this picture and tweet: I Just performed in America's greatest TV show : ELLEN Degeneres Show'.

Does this mean we have a musical performance to look forward to as well? Or maybe a Hard Candy Fitness workout - as she gave out Addicted to Sweat DVDs to the audience?

Salma Hayek: 'I envy Madonna's body'

The actress expressed her admiration for the 54-year-old in an interview with Harper's Bazaar, according to Us Weekly.
'Do I envy Madonna's body?' she said. 'Yes. Do I thank God that she has it? Yes!'
Hayek added: 'If you're fifty-something and you look like Madonna, and you put a lifetime's work in the way you look, then flash it to the world!'
The Savages star also revealed that she tries not to limit what she can eat, saying: 'If you exercise too much and you don't eat enough, it takes its toll on the skin. Everything starts aging. If you don't eat carbs, you slow your metabolism down. And you know what? You look miserable.'

From Digital Spy

Events: Madonna Celebrating 30 Years of Music

The 19th London Madonna Party is only THREE WEEKS AWAY to CELEBRATE 30 Years of Madonna Music. G-A-Y Late in Goslett Yard, Soho will open it's doors at 2.00pm when the party begins. Entry is FREE!

As usual, Madonna's team have provided prizes - goodies from the MDNA Tour as well as prizes spanning Madonna's career to be won - to have a chance of winning all you need to do is let us know you are coming on the Facebook Event Page here.

EVERYBODY who has RSVP'd that they are going will be entered into the Prize Draws, which will be drawn every time EVERYBODY is played! OMG BONG!

madonnalicious needs your MDNA pictures and videos!

madonnalicious loves receiving fan pictures and videos from all the MDNA shows as the tour continues, but we still need pictures from the Seattle and San Jose shows!

Please send any pictures/videos to us at - large amounts of pictures/and or video clips can be sent via

So far we have managed to get pictures from every date of the European leg of the tour...except Helsinki! If you have any pictures from that show please share them with us.

Madonna rocked us as a feminist icon at KeyArena

There is only one word to say after Madonna's extravaganza, spectacle and concert Tuesday night: Respect.
Madonna tore it up on the dance floor at the age of 54. She shot her dancers up in a dance sequence rivaling the video game 'Call of Duty.' She bared her butt - with 'Obama' written across her back. But she is nobody's baby.
For many women, she is the one, the beginning and possibly the end.
Even rapper Nicki Minaj, in a video segment at the concert, acknowledged, 'There is only one queen and that's Madonna.'
Madonna showed us that a woman didn't have to be nice to succeed, even as U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton continues to struggle with her icy image. Madonna had children and marriages but was never defined by her partners, unlike Elizabeth Taylor and Angelina Jolie. Madonna is a singer who became a brand. There have been many women who tried to imitate, but fell short: Britney Spears, J. Lo, Lady Gaga. Most importantly, she is a megastar who did not self-destruct, unlike Marilyn Monroe.
Some women behave like men to get ahead. They wear pants. They talk like men. Madonna used her sex to succeed, and she did it Tuesday, stripping down to a bra, then pulling her pants down below a thong and baring her cheeks to the Key. 'My ass belongs to Obama, even if he is a Christian. When he is in the White House for a second term, I will take my pants off all the way.' (The religion reference was the diva's comeback to an earlier comment when she joked that he was a Muslim.)
Some fans wore t-shirts supporting same-sex marriage and approval of Referendum 74. We probably would not be voting on the issue on Nov. 6 without Madonna. She championed gay men, bringing them into mainstream pop culture with the song 'Vogue,' her movie 'Truth or Dare' and her book 'Sex.'
And to those who were shocked by the shooty-shooty-kill-kill scene at Madonna's concert, it's only shocking because she's a woman. Men have been shooting people up in movies and on television for decades. Besides, I would be disappointed if she failed to produce any outrage. It would be like going to a U2 concert and not getting an education about government oppression in some corner of the world.
The shooting was one segment in an extravaganza that included a marching band suspended from the ceiling, Irish stepdancing (think "Riverdance"), a Jabbawokeez-style dance troupe, Parkour leaps across rising and falling pedestals and dancer contortions worthy of a Beijing acrobatics troupe. If Madonna was stiff in the opening numbers, by the middle and end, she was outdancing her band of androgynous, multicultural dancers 30 years her junior.
As opening DJ Martin Solveig said, 'You all have the best seats that ever existed.' KeyArena felt like an intimate arena on Tuesday, far better than the Tacoma Dome. It's worth saving, ahem, Seattle City Council and Mayor Mike McGinn.
In two hours, Madonna showed us the uselessness of Seattle's passive aggression. I bow down to her Madgesty, and deliver her message to those who missed the concert.
What are you looking at?
Strike a pose.
Express yourself.

From Sharon Pian Chan /

30th Anniversary of 'Everybody' commercial release

This Saturday 06 October marks the 30th anniversary of the commercial release of 'Everybody', Madonna's first single. It first hit the shelves of music stores worldwide on October 6th, 1982!

To celebrate this special landmark in her career, Madonna fans all over the world have psyched themselves up to download the song on itunes this Saturday. Their mission? To get 'Everybody' to hit #1 on the chart in as many countries as possible. They are also requesting the song on their local music stations.

The worldwide movement was started by a Madonna fan in Montreal Canada, who runs an online community (Madonna Fan Campaigns). He also made a special commemorative mashup video of 'Everybody' that features; Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Justin Timberlake, Rihanna, Pink, Nicki Minaj and Lady Gaga. The video illustrate the impact that Madonna has had on today's pop music industry.

The Facebook Event:

North American MDNA Billboard Boxscore Figures

The latest Billboard Boxscore results have been published featuring Madonna's North American dates so far - all dates were considered 'sold-out':

Wells Fargo Center, Philadelphia, Pa August 28, 2012
Total gross: $2,651,855
Attendance: 15,741

Bell Centre, Montreal, Quebec August 30, 2012
Total gross: $3,457,482
Attendance: 16,918

Plains of Abraham, Quebec City, Quebec September 1, 2012
Total gross: $8,098,292
Attendance: 70,569

TD Garden, Boston, Mass September 4, 2012
Total gross: $2,450,720
Attendance: 13,995

Yankee Stadium. Bronx, NY September 6-8, 2012
Total gross: $12,599,540
Attendance: 79,775

Scotiabank Place, Ottawa, Ontario September 10, 2012
Total gross: $2,371,994
Attendance: 14,422

Air Canada Centre, Toronto, Ontario September 12-13, 2012
Total gross: $7,458,188
Attendance: 32,557

Boardwalk Hall, Atlantic City, NJ September 15, 2012
Total gross: $2,891,340
Attendance: 12,207

United Center, Chicago, Ill September 19-20, 2012
Total gross: $5,102,880
Attendance: 28,143

Verizon Center, Washington, D.C. September 23-24, 2012
Total gross: $4,860,428
Attendance: 27,944

Rogers Arena, Vancouver, British Columbia September 29-30, 2012
Total gross: $4,758,994
Attendance: 28,500

Madonna and Washington Capital's Mattias Sjögren

madonnalicious reader Kayden filmed the moment at the Washington DC show (Sunday 23 September) when Madonna asked an audience member - who just happened to be Washington Capital's NHL forward, Mattias Sjögren - to write in four letters what he thought of her on her back. The concert was also attended by another Capitals player, Marcus Johansson, who was seen filming his team-mate writing 'SEXY' on Madonna's back.

Madonna channels the Queen of Mean in Vancouver

Madonna puts on a hell of a show, but you still wouldn’t want to be stuck in an elevator with her. Judging by last night’s events at Vancouver’s Rogers Arena, if Madonna ever hands you a microphone and asks you to sing, you better live up to her standards.
'You really don’t know the song,' she snapped after holding the mic in front of a befuddled fan midway through 'Open Your Heart', 'Shame on you!'
In the heat of the moment it was pretty funny, but Madonna had clearly taken it personally. She continued her haranguing at the song’s conclusion.
'You’re wearing the t-shirt that says Open Your Heart. I hand you the mic and you don’t sing. What the f***?'


Madonna locked in legal battle with Marlon Brando's estate

Madonna is locked in a $300,000 (£185,615) legal battle with the estate of iconic actor Marlon Brando, according to reports.
The Hollywood Reporter says that a complex row has emerged between the 'MDNA' singer and Brando Enterprises' legal team over the Queen Of Pop's desire to use images of the actor in her live shows.
Madonna reportedly pays individual fees to the estate of various deceased celebrities name checked in her 1990 single 'Vogue' so that she can flash pictures of them onstage simultaneously to lyrics such as: 'Greta Garbo, and Monroe/Dietrich and DiMaggio/Marlon Brando, Jimmy Dean/On the cover of a magazine.'
The vast majority of intellectual property rights belonging to each of the famous figures are owned by a company called CMG Worldwide, but Brando's image is controlled by his own estate. Initially, Madonna's touring company Bhakti enlisted the help of CMG to help them negotiate a deal with Brando Enterprises to secure his rights, and a fee of $3,750 (£2,320) was paid to each dead celebrity during her half-time show at the Super Bowl in February of this year.
For Madonna's subsequent live shows, a new deal of $5,000 (£3,090) was agreed, but Brando's estate have now allegedly demanded $20,000 (£12,375) each time his likeness is used. Furthermore, a 'most favoured nation' clause in the contract of all the other agreements stipulates that each estate must receive the same amount of money, meaning that Madonna could be forced to fork out somewhere in the region of $200,000 (£123,750) for just one live performance of 'Vogue'.
CMG have now sued Brando's estate for breach of contract, and the case has reportedly been moved to a federal court in Indianapolis. Brando Enterprises are arguing that Madonna has violated the actor's intellectual property rights during nearly 90 different shows, adding: 'Despite the fact that Plaintiff is asking the Court to award it the Brando IP Rights for a mere $5,000, the true value of those rights in this litigation exceeds three-hundred thousand dollars ($300,000).'
Madonna is currently in their middle of her 'MDNA' world tour and is currently playing live shows in North America, before she heads to South America for the final run of dates in the extensive jaunt in November.