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Graham Norton has revealed what he thought about two of pop’s biggest female stars after they appeared on his chat show.
The Irish comedian told the Daily Mail that despite her reputation, Madonna didn’t act like a diva when he interviewed her on his BBC1 show earlier this year:
'She didn’t make any demands. She came on, and within a few minutes she was on the floor on her hands and knees. She was on a charm offensive.'
When asked how nervous he was about meeting the Queen of Pop, Norton replied: 'Terribly. I was worried it wouldn’t happen. But oddly enough, as soon as she came up the little steps, that was it. I felt it didn’t actually matter what happened after that, because she was on the show.'
'Afterwards we went out for dinner and got really drunk - not Madonna; me and my friends - and the atmosphere all day was incredible. It was like a royal visit.'
But the 49-year-old admitted that his meeting with Kylie Minogue in the late 90s didn’t go so well:
'I failed with Kylie. I’ve seen her on other shows since, and met her myself and she was lovely, but it just didn’t work. I wonder if it was because it was the first series [it started on Channel 4 in 1998] and she thought I was out to get her.'



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Madonna might not yet be the most talented movie director out there (yet) but what she lacks in skill she makes up for in passion. Putting W.E., which she put every inch of herself into, in the same category as throw away product lines -- this is completely ridiculous. People will complain equally when she isn't doing the pop star life anymore that there wasn't another creative outlet for her enormous energies.


She was funny, fcuk the two fans.


I've seen the Kylie visit on Norton's show on Youtube, and I didn't think it was that bad. Norton used to be very hyperactive with all the gags and games, and it often didn't matter what the guests were like. That was by design, as Norton wasn't nearly as famous at the time and the guests weren't as big stars as they are now, so the show was guest-proof in a way. Kylie was a big star, of course, but also a lot younger and very cautious with her public image.


I thought Madonna was funny, great, and engaging during the Norton interview. I do agree that she was flat out rude towards two fans that had made a series of dolls representing some of Madonna's most Iconic looks- but they got their own back when they refused her request to keep ALL the dolls, they told her she could keep just ONE!!! @Fortunea: Who's Kylie- that's Kylie Minogue, you should check out her work because she's the Princess of Pop!!


I heard they took out lots of fun parts, unfortunately. They had two other games with the fans that were cut out in the version that aired and anyone interested in learning what actually went on should take it from fans at the actual taping.


Madonna was good on it but she was awful to the 2 fans who made dolls of her, I couldn't believe how rude she was. Anyone else would have been humbled and honoured.


Too bad Madge she wasn't nice to the fans on the show. She showed herself up as being caustic and sarcastic with her uncalled-for snide comments. I felt embarassed watching her.


Who's Kylie?

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