MDNA Show In Dallas October 20th Is Cancelled
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@Marky: I am not sure whether your post is sarcastic or not (I think it is) and doubting the integrity of Madonnalicious, but let me assure you that, in the UK anyhow, the security people often seem to be far less stringent about cameras than they used to be. I was front row at both CT and S&S, and got amazing photos both times. Nowadays, with mobile phones, almost everyone has some sort of camera on them now anyhow!

In fact, I went to see Lady GaGa in Twickenham recently and the cameras regular punters were using would not have been out of place hanging around the neck of a Pap!


Great pics ! The last show in Vegas was the best of all the MDNA SHOWS I saw !! I don't understand why I haven't being picked up to be at the traingle :-( I deserved it ! FYI if Madge need a dancer at the last minute I am the right person lol, I know all the dance steps hahahahaha. That night was best MADONNA ROCKS.

My last chance to be at the triangle will be New York!!!

Marky Sparkle

It's absolutely amazing how a fan can get such great photo's every time. Being so close to the run way surely security must turn a blind eye to such a long lense. Thanks David for showing us how truthful Madonnalicious actually is, secret cheque to Herb Rits et al.

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