Madonna's 'Material Girl' Performed By Kindergarten Class
Madonna booed after touting Obama


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Madonna is now eyeing up her eventual retirement and making sure she has as much funding for it as possible. Like many stars (and the music industry in general), her music sales are in freefall and touring is now where the cash is. She is making her tours as long as possible (or even bring them back, like Sticky and Sweet I & II), ready for the day when she can't tour as much (which is inevitable).


@ngl-youre so right.this tour is mammoth!!!! it goes on forever!!! i agree about livenation totally.i hate them & the management she has now-think they have made her a bit of a joke-which is a tragic shame.the woman is an icon-a living legend!!! come on madge-wake up & get rid of tham all-its only money-youll still have a zillion dollars left after paying them off,lol!!!!


@Tracy- I agree with your observations! It is very 'strange' for anyone to recover that quickly from 'severe laringitus'! Maybe she wasn't in the mood, this MDNA Tour has been a Very Long tour & she still has a while to go. It's quite amazing how long a Madonna Tour lasts these days, when Madonna was much younger & single she didn't tour for such vast periods of time- "The Girlie Show" started on 25th Sep & finished on 19th Dec after a total of only 40 concerts. I think "Live Nation" are determined to make as much money out of their 'investment' in Madonna as possible- & touring is really the only way to make money these days. How times change- Madonna was still huge throughout the 90's but she didn't tour from '94 onwards, she took 8 years off from touring!


im actually suprised that she was back on stage after apparentley having 'severe laringitus'!!! i had that 3 times in a year-resulting in me totally losing my voice for over a week(& im not a singer)the 1st kept occuring due to not having complete rest.strange.xx

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