Madonna booed after touting Obama
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Yantisa Johnson

Look who's talking, saying that Madonna is boring and she needs to get a life. IF YOU HAD ANY KIND OF A LIFE, YOU WOULDN'T BE ON A WEBSITE COMPLAINING ABOUT AN ARTIST YOU DON'T LIKE!!!

Furthermore, don't believe all the negative media reports of "fans" walking out of her concert in New Orleans b/c they were SOOOO OFFENDED by her endorsement of President Obama. Whata load of BS!!! Everyone knows that fans of Madonna would not walk out of her concert, especially after paying a lot of money for tickets. After all, it's not like people saw a cover band in a bar.

I saw her in Dallas, TX and as mentioned before, she only talked for only a couple of minutes in her show. She expressed support for Obama here as well. Some people booed here too, but what the media doesn't get is that a few fans were booing the president, NOT MADONNA!!!

F*** the media and their biased, negaitve "news reports."

Madonna, The Queen Of Pop Forever. :)




IMPO Madonna's political "antic's" have been blown quite out of proportion/ context! Madonna spends most of her MDNA Tour Concerts singing, dancing etc- her political speech takes up only a few minutes of a nearly 2 hour concert!! I find it surprising that some fans that have taken the time/ energy/ expense to attend her concert would leave it early because they don't agree with Madonna's political views expressed in a speech.


republican supporters walk out of a madonna gig when she asks for people to vote Obama - why were they at the gig in the first place - they should have gone seen LiLo crashing her car into a lamp post -

Madonna has always voiced her concerns about the republicans and rightly so - because even god wont save us if they win this election -


Some people can be so disrespectful... it's a shame. M has always been outspoken. If you're going to bring negative energy to one of M's concerts, just Sit Your Ass Down at home! There was nothing but love shared at the Staple's Center on 10/11/12. I am thankful I was able to see her... again. Madonna don't stop, keep doing what you're doing baby.


@Anna. Seriously? Who do you think you are? This is a fan site and a appreciation site for Madonna, where we appreciate what Madonna does. Fans don't need to hear your criticism and hate for her.
If you don't like her or don't approve of her lately, than why are you even wasting your time on this site? Grow up, and maybe you should be the one to move on.


@Anna- I agree with you 100%, I could not have expressed it better myself!! Bravo!!


T: 'fans' like you - the blind ones - are the real issue. Madonna is not some Goddess who is beyond criticism and, to a LOT of fans of late, she has been sub-par, especially musically.

If you don't want to read criticism - which is usually backed up very well by the posters - then maybe is is YOU who needs to move to another, blind-worship site?

I applaud Clare for posting both praise and criticism about Madonna. The lady herself would approve.

And, "Lady Goober"? Really? Are you thirteen years old? Surely name calling is as bad as the criticism you have decried in your post?


another thing, This is a concert not a movie show so stop complaining for some one who really wants to have fun sing and dance with Queen of pop Live. Let a real fan get a chance to get a better seat. if you are going to be seating all night long wait for the DVD.


That Madonna talking to you so you better list to the queen !!! LOl.

I agree with you and with the comment on top. this is a Madonna Fan web site go with your shit somewhere else.


Beautiful. Brilliant. As always.

Is this a Madonna fan site or a Lady Goober one? EVERY freaking post has everyone complaining. No, not giving their, 'honest' un blind 'opinion', but full on negative complaining.

Every. Single. New. Post. All negative by the same 'fans'.

It's annoying.

We get it, you don't like Madonna that much anymore. Time to use your brain and MOVE ON and let people who DO enjoy her now come on here and be happy and positive.

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