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Madonna's fitness secrets

Madonna puts in a 110 per cent effort to keep herself in shape.
The 54-year-old singer works with Nicole Winhoffer - who is the creative director of her Hard Candy Fitness gyms - to maintain her incredible figure and the trainer says it is all about putting plenty of hard work.
Nicole told Us Weekly: 'It's hard work, but make time and put in 110 per cent and you will see results.'
'The only constant thing is change. Your workouts should be diversified to challenge the mind and body. If your mind and body are not challenged, you won't see results.'
Nicole also encourages the 'Material Girl' singer to set goals for herself to stay on target.
She explained: 'It's good to set goals. When you're specific about what you are reaching toward, you will get what you want.'
'Concentrating on your goals will lead them to you. Believe in yourself and work at it.'
'It's not what you are doing but how you are doing it. Sweating is a direct result of performance - it means you are doing it right. Pay attention to the exercise, what muscles you are working, how it feels, and if it challenges you. Do the things that are challenging, and break through the obstacles.'



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Isn't 100% the maximum/ total amount- how can Madonna then put in 110% effort into her workouts! I'm not disputing the fact that Madonna puts extreme effort into her workouts and overall health- just the maths.

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