Gaultier Pays Tribute to ’80s Pop Stars
Madonna locked in legal battle with Marlon Brando's estate


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Andrew Beaven

I have read this book. This is a really good one. It's not a full-on biography - it's more like nuggets about Madonna arranged in a manner that is easy to read.
it's arranged in chronoligal order and many of the facts are rather interesting, and little known.
(I think almost) Each page of fact is accompanied by at least a picture - many of which I have not seen before.

The author is clearly a fan of Madonna's and his knowledge, through the writing, as well as the images selected showcase this fact.

this book would be great for myself and many of my friends who are fans of Madonna - as the pictures are rare and many of the facts are interesting even to the fans.

It is also good for someone who has just come across Madonna as it is easy to read, concise and it is have a sense of intimacy in the texts and the pcitures. A great introduction to the icon that is Madonna.


I love to read bios as well. In fact a swedish author publishes a bio too now in october. Maybe it will be translated to english.


Yes, how come this has almost the same title as O´Briens book? In any way, this one will go on the christmas wish list... :)


Very excited, I love reading Madonna biography books- I literally own a stack!! I'm surprised this author got away with a title that is so similar to another great Madonna biography released a few years back called "'Madonna: Like An Icon', by Lucy O'brien". A new bio was required, all previous books stop with Madonna being happily married to Guy and authors saying how life had truly tamed her- her songs, outfits, stage shows, her authentic self, they claim are subdued! Needless to say, an updated perspective is really required- Madonna has really changed a lot since 2008!

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