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Madonna to launch 'Truth or Dare Naked'

Madonna will launch Truth or Dare by Madonna Naked, a new fragrance for women, in December. Truth or Dare Naked is a flanker to her debut fragrance, Truth or Dare, and was developed by the same perfumer, Stephen Nilsen.

Truth or Dare by Madonna Naked is a provocative and sexy scent that reveals Madonna’s sensual inner qualities. Blending a sense of richness and flirty femininity, the fragrance is playful yet confident. A bold combination of creamy woodiness is paired with addictive vanilla nuances and sparkling florals for a scent that is immediately captivating.

Truth or Dare Naked is a woody floral; notes include honeysuckle, peach blossom, neroli, vanilla orchid, cocoa flower, lily of the valley, cedar, benzoin, oud accord and sandalwood.

Truth or Dare by Madonna Naked will be available in 50 and 75 ml Eau de Parfum.

From Coty Inc. Press Release


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Madonna can't do music forever, she just can't. She has to keep the money rolling in in different ways. I love her movie ventures. I thought W.E. was brilliant. But if you live on this side of the pond, one can't appreciate it. It displayed Madonna's exquiste taste in the finer things. She knows how to tell a story, via her songs, music videos and even her lovely coffee table book. I enjoy almost everything Madonna does because you have to take into consideration her physical, mental and emotional imput into things. anyway...I'm excited...just purely excited. P.S. Madonna, I was dancing in Vancouver and I did know all the words to OPEN YOUR HEART! Wish I was in the triangle to prove it.


I agree with you, ngl. Whilst M is, admittedly, only doing what loads of other artists do (ie the non-core products), but she has come to the game way too late in her career, imho.

As such, it really comes across to me as both truly desperate and money-grabbing.

For me, she has released two utter stinkers of an album in a row at a time when it is clear that her mind has wandered into other ventures.

Coming soon - '"Inside of Me", feminine protection by Madonna' ? Or maybe the new line of sunglasses, "Spanish Eyes by Madonna"?


Her second fragrance release in a year! Lousy fragrance name and a horrible bottle- it looks like it belongs in the Vatican as a relic!! This year Madonna has also wasted her precious time on 'WE', 'Material Girl' clothing line, shoes, a chain of 'Hard Candy' Gyms, workout DVD's, & shoes!!! NO MADGE NO! Enough of this secondary project nonsense! Madonna needs to concentrate on her MUSIC FIRST- a better LP & a more creative Tour would have resulted from Madonna spending more time & being more focussed! Music is what made Madonna the icon she is (or at least was!), she really needs to quickly regain her focus- currently she is destroying her musical legacy! Madonna, you are better than this!


So much energy channelled into everything but her music.... *sigh*


I wish she'd do a scent for men, she has so many male fans :)

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