Madame Tussauds Las Vegas unveils wax figure of Madonna
Las Vegas are you ready for MDNA?!

Madonna outraged at Taliban Shooting of 14-year-old

Madonna used the Los Angeles leg of her MDNA world tour to express outrage over the Taliban’s attempt to kill a 14-year-old girl who had spoken out against militants’ attempts to ban education for girls in northwestern Pakistan.
The Material Girl used the platform of the Staples Center stage to harness the outrage sweeping across the world about the attack on schoolgirl Malala Yousufzai and stressed the importance of people voting in the U.S. Presidential election on Nov. 6.
'It hurt me...and it made me cry,' Madonna, 54, told concertgoers at Staples Center on Oct. 10.
'The Taliban stopped her bus and shot her for writing a blog about wanting to go to school. Do you understand the sickness and absurdity of this? Do you recognize how lucky you are?'
Madonna played a second show at the Staples Center on Thursday, then brings the tour to Las Vegas on Saturday for the first of two dates at the MGM Grand Garden Arena.



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Enter politics ??? lol Because she is in a political spirit in a political season and expresses a concern about the state of the world 2 minutes a night ?? Like Madonna is the first star to name drop a presidential candidate's name.


@Lou- We agree on something! LOL!


It's getting to the stage where M either needs to enter politics or concentrate fully on her music. Her faux posturing and campaigning is, quite frankly, ridiculous.

I do not believe for one minute this story made her cry!


That poor girl, those people are freaking insane!!

But as for Madonna incorporating violence in her show, she should be aloud to if she feels it fits in there. There is a huge difference between make believe and real life. If people can't see the difference between her performances and her caring about real life issues than that's your/their problem!!

Qui Ora

And what about the mexican boy José Antonio Elena Rodríguez 16 years old killed by american agent of the US Border Patrol last week. The agent shot him seven times....The boy was in mexican side.


Madonna you preach to your audience about how you are upset that a young girl was shot dead- but you see no problem with your own behaviour during the MDNA concerts where you simulate a senseless mass murder spree with a series of guns! Why do need extreme violence in your work? You are a powerful, influential person and you appear to glorify violence these days in your art. Before 2012, apart from a brief period in '01-04, violence was never part of your work- and you clearly said you would never go there, that 'violence begets violence'. You now excuse your behaviour as 'art', and say that your mass murder spree with a gun etc was simply a metaphor for a life journey, that one has to go through the darkeness in order to reach the Light! In a nutshell you are basically saying that people have to do really evil things (such as mass murder) in their life journey in order to discover God!! Madonna, please leave the violence thing alone, you need to think more carefully about your actions and what message you are conveying to the world. Madonna, you are an exceptional live performance artist, you have proven this over many wonderful tours where you never touched on violence. Why do you now feel the need to send out such conflicting messages about violence- you perform acts of violence and then preach about the need for world peace!

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