MDNA Fan Pictures: Los Angeles (Part 1)
Madame Tussauds Las Vegas madonnalicious winner

Madonna muscles her way through a spectacle at MGM Grand

When you look past the immense staging and lighting of a Madonna show, beyond the lavish costuming and the army of backing dancers and musicians populating the stage, you notice something not so fancy all the way down to the artist’s feet.
Pulled over Madonna’s feet are ankle braces that creep up from whatever shoes she wears at the moment. These are elastic, like ACE bandages, flesh-colored and not decorated in any way. These wraps are not to be celebrated, or even detected, but serve the vital purpose of keeping the whirling, stomping diva steady on her spindles. These braces are commonly worn by athletes, especially tennis and basketball players, to ward against injury while leaping and making quick cuts.
Madonna is as athletic a performer as you will see on any stage. At age 54, she is in supreme condition, and that physical fitness is the core of her stage show, which she rolled into MGM Grand Garden Arena on Saturday for the first of two Las Vegas performances. The second was Sunday night.
At various points during her latest stage spectacular, the 2012 MDNA Tour, Madonna performed as a gangster, a majorette and a dominatrix. She spun, leaped, strutted and happily swiveled her pelvis in a two-hour performance that would have been astonishing even without music accompaniment, given its exhausting pace.
Deep into the show, she spun around with her backside facing the audience. She unsnapped her black slacks, lowered them several inches and showed the sellout crowd what a 54-year-old tushy might look like if you married into a workout plan of toning, conditioning, speed, agility, strengthening, flexibility and endurance (the specifics of this regimen are outlined, in sweaty fashion, in her DVD series 'Addicted to Sweat.') There was a message behind the nakedly memorable moment, as she said many people find her to be obscene, but what she finds obscene is 'our lack of humanity.'

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@T- What does Lady Gaga has to do with anything I've said about Madonna? I like a wide variety of female artists at the same time, always have & I always will. I am NOT a Lady Gaga fan, you made that up! Consequently, your Pathetic Comments have lost Any Credibity with me. I Forgive you- I know that you will continue to both read & write about me because you are clearly Obsessed with me!! Personally, I will focus my attention on one of the Most Fascinating Artists in History- MADONNA! I will continue to Express my honest opinions about Madonna, both good & bad- and as Madonna has said "Accept No Limitations"!


@ngl - You come across as a little monster or a Bill 'O Reily type. Of course you are allowed to speak your mind, but when EVERY post of yours includes negative comments or backhanded swipes, it makes you look like a hater. I have yet to see you post a single comment without taking a jab at Madonna or saying something negative and you reply to EVERY single post here, so of course I am going to read what you write.

As soon as I start reading and see a positive comment which turns negative, I go right down to see who wrote it and I am always correct that it's you.

Speak your mind, but do it honestly. You are not just speaking your honest mind, you are a transparent Lady Gaga fan who has to make everything Madonna does look bad. You start off positive then go, but this, but that.

It's annoying. If you don't want people to call you out then start posting a positive comment without negative undertones. Just one. Madonna dares you ;)


@T- I will continue to express my honest thoughts about Madonna- I will say both negative things if I feel they are are warranted, and I will say positive things where credit is due. If I annoy you then don't read my posts, my name appears below each one! Did I have a point of view, oops I didn't know I couldn't speak my mind, what was I thinking???


lol@ngl speaking as if it's truth and not opinion.

Most woman would kills for a body like Madonna's at any age, let alone 54. And her voice is just as good now live as it was 14 years ago after Evita.

You continue to lace your positive comments with negative jabs. It's transparent and annoying. Please stop.


I agree, I have a "Confessions" obsession! I LOVE 'Confessions on a Dancefloor'LP, I LOVE all 4 singles (Why didn't the excellent 'Jump' single reach Number 1?), & I LOVE the BRILLIANT 'CT'. While Madonna may not be the greatest singer in the world, IMO she comes pretty damn close when she puts EFFORT into her singing. After vocal lessons, Madonna's voice on 'I'm Breathless'LP & later "Evita" LP, & "ROL"LP was sublime! Sadly, Madonna has clearly not continued with the vocal lessons, and she has lost her expanded vocal range and relies too much these days on studio wizardry when making her recent LP's.


What a sneaky article- it pretends to be a tour review, that praises Madonna's body and stamina etc, but it is really an advert for Madonna's new workout DVD's!! I think Madonna has left it at least 10 years too late to enter the fitness workout video market- I don't think many women would want Madonna's arms, even she doesn't appear to like them and covers them up. Madonna should try to reduce the EXTREME emphasis on her physical body, and focus on being a musical performance artist. I think pop-culture is too obsessed with the physical appearance, sadly Madonna is not only joining this movement she is taking it to the next level. Is it any wonder that eating disorders are on the rise.


I agree that M is practically unrivalled when it comes to the actual live shows. They are usually stunning (Confessions simply blew me away, and still does when I watch the DVD). But there is NO WAY she can be called the "greatest... singer in this world"!!!


No one in this earth will put a show like Madonna, I was lucky to be at the two shows. First night was so cool people in Vegas was super fun, but the second night was espectacular MADONNA ROCKS THE ARENA.and very especial. She is and will be the greatest performance and singer in this world. I was almost front row. Her beauty is stunning! She looks so Beatiful and HOT !!!I love you Madonna !!you are best of the Best.

I should be at the traingle next time ;-( LOL.

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