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Madonna faces court over gay rights row

Madonna will appear in court to defend allegations she encouraged gay sex between minors during a gig in Saint Petersburg.
The 'Material Girl' singer has been hit by lawsuit from a group of Russian activists which orders her to defend the comments she made during a show in August when she urged the crowd to support gay rights.
Nine members of the Trade Union of Russian Citizens are accusing her of blasphemy and damaging the cultural foundations of Saint Petersburg, claiming more than £6 million in compensation for 'moral damages' suffered during her concert.
Darya Dedova, a Union spokesperson, said: 'She insulted believers' feelings, she promoted homosexuality when there were children at the concert and this is forbidden in St Petersburg. We, the residents of the cultural capital, suffered a colossal moral damage.'
Madonna caused controversy when she asked the crowd to raise their hands while wearing pink bracelets she handed out in support of gay rights. However, a law passed last March makes promoting homosexuality illegal in the Russian city, and the activists have taken offence that children as young as 12 were at the concert.
Madonna reportedly asked the crowd to: 'Show your love and appreciation to the gay community. We want to fight for the right to be free.'
Dmitry Rogozin, Russia's Deputy Prime Minister, also weighed in on the row, tweeting: 'With age, every former s**t tries to lecture everyone on morality. Either take off your cross, or put on your knickers.'
The 54-year-old singer is yet to appear in court - the first hearing took place on October 11, but it was postponed until October 25 because they didn't know Madonna's address to notify her, RT news reports.
Madonna previously offended the Kremlin by demanding the release of the Russian punk band Pussy Riot.



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Had Enough?

Anyone who takes a twelve year old to a concert with plainly adult themes needs their own 'morals' addressing. To complain about it afterwards is like running out onto a busy road without looking, and then complaining about the presence of vehicles when they're run down. Absolute simpletons.


did she make an enrollment list for those kids to be gay? this is simply milking money out from the Queen.


Madonna should close down her "Hard Candy" Gym in Russia and never go back there!!! While I appreciate some people's arguments that she should go back to Russia and fight the case, the system is so corrupted it is likely that she would not get a fair trial and she could lose the case! I don't want Madonna to go to jail, especially in Russia!


couldnt agree more with comments on here-shocks me to my core that laws like this exsist!!!xx


This is so.....STUPID! Moral damage my pale white ass!


the russian government cant do anything to her while she remains out of the country, but she has her Hard Candy gym there and id imagine she would want to protect her interests there. having said that, this whole thing is sickening and i hope she goes to trial and i hope she wins. this is no more than a cash grab by a group of bigots who feel empowered enough to do this cause of a government that is equally as bigotted and ignorant. fascism thrives in this world in different degrees but Russia is among the few countries where its actually overt and scary. like i said i hope M shows up and i hope she defends the shit out of herself and makes these monsters accountable for their complete lack of human decency. their twisted moral crusade against human beings who are being marginalized because they dare to love is shameful and its unbeleivable to me that in this day and age, these sorts of laws can even be made. did the world learn nothing from the civil rights movement in the states? people are people regardless of any differences. Morality is relative and it is NO ONES place to dictate morality. Russia is a fascist state, and the decline of gay rights proves this. what is next? a gay registry like the nazis did? then what? mass extermination? its dispicable, and shamefully familiar. Russia is repeating the most shameful episode of our modern history, so shame on each and every one of them who support this and allow this to continue. Go M!!!!!

DJ Stephen V

Screw Russia. Madonna can ignore this lawsuit which is based on ignorance and hatred.


Please, this is a blatant money grab! Madonna was preaching Gay Tolerance, she didn't demand that people become Gay- and even if she had made that demand there is no way that Straight people would turn Gay because Madonna told them to in a concert, which she didn't!! On a legal point, now that Madonna is out of Russia with no immediate plans to return there, can the Russian government etc really do anything to Madonna?

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