MDNA Fan Pictures: Dallas (Part 1)
Madonna's New Orleans 'Vote' Speech

Madonna booed after touting Obama

Madonna drew boos and triggered a walkout by several concert goers after she touted President Barack Obama on her MDNA Tour in New Orleans.
The Material Girl asked during Saturday night's performance: 'Who's registered to vote?' She added: 'I don't care who you vote for as long as you vote for Obama.'
Drawing boos in touting Obama over Republican Mitt Romney, Madonna followed: 'Seriously, I don't care who you vote for...Do not take this privilege for granted. Go vote.'
Madonna is often outspoken. Some Colorado fans, mindful of a mass shooting there, complained she used a fake gun to shoot a masked gunman in a recent concert act in Denver.
A Madonna concert in Paris in July drew ire when a video showed a swastika on a politician's forehead.

From Press Association Via Yahoo! News


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@ Trish:

English not your strong point, my dear?

"all dates were considered 'sold-out'" :

I'd suggest using a dictionary if you don't know the difference between "were considered 'sold out'" and "were 'sold out'"!

"Considered" and "being" are two entirely different things, the former being used in classic marketing-speak! LOL The poor Stans!


@Anna Please read:
North American MDNA Billboard Boxscore Figures
The latest Billboard Boxscore results have been published featuring Madonna's North American dates so far - all dates were considered 'sold-out':
Wells Fargo Center, Philadelphia, Pa August 28, 2012
Total gross: $2,651,855
Attendance: 15,741
Bell Centre, Montreal, Quebec August 30, 2012
Total gross: $3,457,482
Attendance: 16,918
Plains of Abraham, Quebec City, Quebec September 1, 2012
Total gross: $8,098,292
Attendance: 70,569
TD Garden, Boston, Mass September 4, 2012
Total gross: $2,450,720
Attendance: 13,995
Yankee Stadium. Bronx, NY September 6-8, 2012
Total gross: $12,599,540
Attendance: 79,775
Scotiabank Place, Ottawa, Ontario September 10, 2012
Total gross: $2,371,994
Attendance: 14,422
Air Canada Centre, Toronto, Ontario September 12-13, 2012
Total gross: $7,458,188
Attendance: 32,557
Boardwalk Hall, Atlantic City, NJ September 15, 2012
Total gross: $2,891,340
Attendance: 12,207
United Center, Chicago, Ill September 19-20, 2012
Total gross: $5,102,880
Attendance: 28,143
Verizon Center, Washington, D.C. September 23-24, 2012
Total gross: $4,860,428
Attendance: 27,944
Rogers Arena, Vancouver, British Columbia September 29-30, 2012
Total gross: $4,758,994
Attendance: 28,500

We will be at her "Sold-Out" Show in Cleveland. Oh and by the way, I see quite clearly darling, and if there were any empty seats, must've been the lucky ones chosen for the Golden Triangle! Kisses!


I'm surprised to read that a fan doesn't like the "Ray of Light" LP, but each to their own! I think 'Ray of Light" is an extraordinary album, it won 4 Grammy Awards, one for Album of the Year!'Ray of Light' is a positive, spiritual, inspirational album- it has very intelligent lyrics, sublime vocals, and a unique sonic soundscape, Madonna's best work. That's the great thing about Madonna, she keeps on Reinventing her music, but IMO Madonna's most Recent Reinventions aren't as Original & Captivating as they used to be- nevertheless Madonna is still a Great Performance Artist, with an already Amazing Artistic Legacy.


Lol@poor ngl again and now Anna. Blind fans? LOL! I dislike a lot of madonna things such as ray of light, etc but I don't need to explain myself hehe :)


Madonna has become very BORING, and I agree, a rock concert is about enjoying the music and having getting away from certain issues and statements.

No wonder she has lost many fans, and I'm certainly heading that way....


Ed. It's not that Americans are against voting. They booed her because not everyone is for Obama. We have a right here to chose who we want. No one has an issue with Madonna saying make sure to vote because it is our right. We have an issue with Madonna or any artist telling us who to vote for. I love Madonna but I dont' base my vote on what Madonna says.


Wow! Madonna has an opinion? Been a fan since 1984--I didn't know.


why are the americans against voting and getting told to vote.. here in Australia.. we have to vote or we get penalised.. maybe they should adapt this law in USA.. i mean.. jesus.. make yourself count..


I was at this show. The article is true, but it is also highly exaggerated. Some people booed. The person next to me, some old geezer in the second row booed but stayed for the whole show.
I'm going to play devil's advocate here. It is a free country. She has the right to voice her opinion, paying fans (I use that word freely) have the right to boo.
Here is my take on it-I love Madonna immensely, will be seeing this tour 8 times (9 but 1st Dallas show was cancelled) and may add another date or two. However, I do feel political opinions should be left out. Though art is political, no need to out right vocalize one's political views. However, it was such a small part of the show and those who booed were the minority it hardly makes it news worthy. Dare they print that the majority of people exiting at the end of the show were impressed. Maybe they should report how difficult it is to catch a cab after her shows.
As for walking out during the show, I would not know but who cares anyways. Madonna got their money and they are free to do if as they like. The problem with being a huge artist and doing huge shows is that you do not always get your true fans....for people to be with prime floor seats booing is beyond me....I mean seriously are their that many rich, curious people out there. Again, it was such a small part of a rather elaborate production. The world wide press is alos biased and many people obviously have no sense of humor. She did say she did not care who people voted for as long as they vote and take responsibility for their great country...and mentioned some atrocities of other countries. Really, do these people live under a rock. It's been pretty obvious Madonna backs Obama and has very liberal views.


@T- Your comments about my post don't make logical sense- but your obsessional rants about me never do! I notice you are now taking aim at another person too- you talk more about other people than Madonna! You basically want every person that posts an opinion to say ONLY positive things about Madonna- you try to censor people that dare to have an opinion that you do not find pleasing. Thankfully, when I look at the healthy variety of opinions expressed in this post it is clear that other fans are not afraid to speak their minds! I will continue to express my opinions about Madonna, and without doubt you will continue to speak about me instead of Madonna!


@Trish: for your information, I have been a fan since 1984, and have spent THOUSANDS on Madonna. I have been to every tour apart from The Virgin Tour. But, according to you. I am not allowed to say when I think something is below par (MDNA, for example).

All her concerts WERE not sold out, btw. My sister went to see MDNA in Birmingham - NO WAY was that sold out - she showed me photos of many empty seats! But fans like you just cannot accept that M is anything other than perfect.

Funny how the lady herself has recorded (highly personal) songs such as "Nobody's Perefct" and "I F***ed Up".

Finally, that old chestnut calling me a "hater". I thought only 12 yo's and Cher Lloyd fans used that ridiculous phrase.

Blind fans are dangerous fans.....


Way to go New Orleans! We go to concerts to enjoy music. Not to be preached to. Most of us are sick and tired of this election. One would think a concert would be a nice escape. I went to the New York concert and some booed her as well when she started with the politcs. Love her but I don't have to like that part of it.


Anna: Why are you even looking on this site, yet alone posting your "opinion" of Madonna's political point of view and about here concerts?? Who are you? Obviously not a true fan, but a true hater. Keep your narrow minded comments to yourself. I love her new album and can NOT wait to see MDNA in Cleveland!! Madonna is the one and only true QUEEN!! Oh and by the way, yes all her concerts are sold out regardless of her political views!!


And just like in other election years: 2004, 2008 and now 2012, Madonna is once again expressing her views about politics. Re-Invention Tour, Sticky & Sweet and now MDNA Tour.

You would think 'fans' would know how she is on tour regarding politics when it's an election year ;)


@T: ah, yes - the music. 'MDNA' - such juvenile pap from The Queen of Pop I would never have expected. Even Britney would have declined this album... and it sounds like one of her rejects!


I just tune out when celebrities start with politics. Just as Madonna is free to Obama rant, the people are free to boo. Still love ya Madonna!! ;)


lol@ngl once again. Madonna was far from toned down in 1994 or 19995 any many years after that. A strip club while 8 months pregnant for her 'music' video? Yes, very toned down.

And yes, 'Anna', nothing to hear music-wise at a Madonna concert these days. That's why all the dates are sold out. Thank god sh doesnt just do hits and please the general annoying public.


Some people are so narrow-minded. Sheesh.


Clare - I am all against censorship, but I cannot hear those suckers on your site no more. Only one Queen. Period.


Derek: agree with you totally.

Madonna the politician? Never.

Boring, Madge. Stick to what you know. We already know that all you celebebredee types are all liberal, lefty luvvies. Doesn't mean you need to ram it down our throats all the time.

Move on, nothing much to see at a Madge concert these days, music-wise.


For better or worse, Madonna enjoys 'pushing people's buttons'- that's just Madonna! I guess some fans were surprised because from '94-'11 Madonna had toned down her act & appeared to have mellowed (but if you look at those years a little more closely Madonna still did controversial things from time to time)- it's just in 2012 Madonna has decided to return to 'extreme button-pushing mode'! In the past Madonna aimed her antics primarily towards people that didn't like her so their reaction was no loss to her- in 2012 Madonna has chosen to push some of her fans buttons too, which is perhaps not the smartest thing to do, potentially alienating your diminishing fan base!Madonna is very talented and should concentrate her energies on being a great entertainer & appreciate her fans a lot more.


Nothing but lies...why is it they only do the negative on Madonna. I think this is somekind of sexism/ageism. Just becuz a star says something does it mean ur mind is clay and up for molding..?


I miss reading about how Madonna concerts were full of hit songs, great dance moves, and costume changes.


Seriously, do they not know about her and what she says/does before they come?


I guess the people booing and walking out have never heard of Madonna before.

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