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Denver fans upset after Madonna show

Some Madonna fans in Colorado have complained after the music superstar used guns during a performance on Thursday 18 October.
A gunman shot dead 12 people during a Batman film at cinema in the state in July.
Madonna started her show at the Pepsi Centre in Denver with a gun scene, which she has used in previous performances.
KUSA-TV said it received several calls from concert-goers saying they were offended she used guns and violence as part of her show in light of recent events.
In a statement before beginning the tour, Madonna said she does not condone the use of guns. She said she is using the guns as symbols of intolerance and 'the pain I have felt from having my heart broken.'

From Press Association Via Yahoo! News


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Well said Manda!


I would understand the Denver fans concern on this concert, however, they should also consider that this was already in plan since May 2012. Furthermore, they should move forward and be vigilant everytime. Peace.


All of you who have posted so far - don't be such hard-hearted tw@ts. Try living in a community where a mass tragedy has occurred and maybe you'd show some compassion and understanding. Many M fans are as cold as the woman herself.


In the meantime, no one is offended that the movie is still playing in theaters across the U.S.


Also disgusted me those people who are not real fans but get the tickets show just to see what is all about. Well bitches if you want to watch the full concert seating on your seat with your arm cross bringing negativity to others.

Stop buying tickets for this show and let a real fan to get a better seat and enjoy the art of Madonna ! Do you heard that ! Wait for the DVD and watche it at home. I saw this show 7 times and I have 2 more to watch so don't you dare to told me to seat down ! I didn't get a good seat in couple of the shows because of these kind of people. So GO HOME.


If you know how was the show ? Why did you get your ticket to see these show and then get offended ? You should let a real fan get that ticket to enjoy the show an appreciate the art,theatrical acts, music and stage. It really bother me when I heard those stupid staments. Wait for the DVD TOUR get release and give the the chance to some real fan to get that ticket. !

And those who likes to watch the show seating on their chair with the cross this message is for then too. Stay home and wait for the DVD. Let a real fan to get a better seat. Ungreatful B.


@Manda. Agreed. If a male performer were doing the same show with guns, no one would have a problem with it.


Do the cinemas in Denver only show Disney films since the Batman event?
Some people will complain about anything just to attached their name to Madonna.


I struggle with the people complaining being referred to as fans. Any decent fan would, firstly, be aware that Madonna uses plastic guns as a prop in her show. Secondly, a real fan would be able to grasp the concept of coming from the dark to the light/female empowerment from a dark place.
The batman shooting was a tragic incident - there is no doubt about that. However, that tragic incident is completely unrelated to a Madonna concert. I fear there are many more influential factors in the shooting to be considered, none of which will be about Madonna.
There are so many movies, video games, music videos etc which condone violence, yet - they barely get mentioned. I do often wonder if the reason for this is that these movies etc are often starring men or for a male audience, whereas a lone female causes controversy. Double standards anyone?


That's a little like being upset at seeing monks when visiting a monastery.

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