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David Furnish shrugs off Madonna feud: 'She's an inspiration'

David Furnish has put his public feud with Madonna behind him, describing her as an 'inspiration'.
Furnish caused controversy earlier this year when Madonna beat his husband Elton John to a Golden Globe for 'Best Original Song', as he later described her as 'desperate' and also claimed that she cannot make good movies.
John has also publicly slammed Madonna, claiming in August that her career was over and that her tour had been a 'disaster'.
However, Furnish - who previously claimed that his Golden Globe comments were blown out of proportion - has now attempted to move on from the feud.
Asked by TMZ about whether Madonna is past her prime, he said: 'No, not at all. I think she's a great artist and I wish her all the best.'
'I think she is a great artist and I think she works very, very hard. She is an inspiration to all of us and I wish her all the best.'
Furnish added: 'Seriously, I love her. I wish her all the best.'
Madonna has previously forgiven John for his comments about her, explaining that he is a 'big fan'.

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@ngl: But Lou is correct. It DID get to Number 1 in the UK. A Number One is a Number One (apart from MDNA, which is a Number One that sounds like a "number two"! LOL)


they always come crawling back, they need Madonna for publicity, she does not however need them.


@Lou- Elton's LP was ONLY Number 1 in the UK- 'MDNA' LP was Number 1 in many countries! "MDNA" LP is a decent LP, Elton's is rubbish! When comparing the two albums, it seems to me that Elton's LP is like a candle in the wind.


Elton is constantly making bizarre and contradictory statements, to put himself in a positive light mostly. His problems go much deeper than Madonna. She is only a convenient target.


"Elton made his mean comments about Madonna when he was promoting his yet to be released LP, it went on to be a flop- at least 'MDNA' debuted at number 1!" ngl


Always good to check facts, I reckon. "Good Morning to the Night" was #1 in the UK, as was "M.D.N.A.". But never let facts get in the way of a good rant, eh?!



Madonna's 'MDNA' LP is a billion times better than Elton John's latest dance-orientated LP 'Goodmorning to the Night'! Elton made his mean comments about Madonna when he was promoting his yet to be released LP, it went on to be a flop- at least 'MDNA' debuted at number 1! Elton & David have a bipolar attitude to Madonna- they switch from loving her to hating her, over and over. I don't get Elton's problem with Madonna because she has never said mean things about him, but he is always ranting about Madonna. Elton, in an Oz interview in 98, criticized Madonna for her 'Drowned World' music video! That video is G-rated, but he claims that Madonna's cab ride in London while being chased by the paps was disrepectful to Princess Diana!


Crazy celebrity feuds.....

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