Boston Speech: 'Why I Love America'
Madonna Invites Superstar DJ Avicii To Yankee Stadium


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HER LATENESS: I AM NEVER SEEING HER IN A LIVE SHOW. I will keep my money and my time, which is MY LIFE, and buy the DVD. This is rude to her fans and SELFISH to say the least.


She also has an entrouage of Nanny's I'm sure...I have to be up with my 10 month old at 630 am...and out the door..c'mon Madonna we're not in our 20's


I don't think she needs to travel 2 hours to get to a show like most of us do. People have work the next day at early in the morning. Or have kids and don't want to be waiting until 10 to listen because of a dj mixer. I now she wants things to be perfect and that is much appreciated but tickets say 8:00 and people have told me she comes on within half hour of the time. I never heard she was on at 10 until this tour. Most of her fans are in the 30s 40s and early 50s category. Just sayin


Listen up people - Madonna herself has a job and is a parent too. Entertaining your asses every night, at 54, is not easy. Her show, her time. She's hopping all over the world, without her kids, so going back to Long Island or lower Manhattan is no big whoop. Stay your asses at home. Just sayin'


any after parties on saturday?
any one know if there is a sound check to get into? and if so how?


I totally agree that the show should not get on so late. It's just not right. I am coming from Long Island and it will be a few hours with traffic to get home. Please take into consideration that people do have kids at home and jobs and it should not be on so late. I say by 9:00 she should be on. Not 10pm or so. I heard she was punctual and that was one of the reasons I got tickets I paid $180 a ticket - and also because I do love her. Many fans will be upset if this happens


I am seeing her tonight and at this point am really afraid she will come out very late after hearing about the Philly and Boston shows. They just announced DJ Avicii is going to be there - as an opening act, I guess? But for how long? Will be trekking all the way up from downtown Manhattan on the subway and I really, really don't feel like getting home at 1:00 a.m. from the Bronx.

I hope fans are taken under consideration tonight and not left waiting for hours, especially after shelling out upwards of $350 for tickets. Many of us old-timers are in our 30s and 40s with families and jobs. It's not like Madonna, who is always so punctual, to keep people waiting.

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