Fourth And Final NY Show Added To MDNA Tour Itinerary
Madonna's speech to the Yankee Stadium crowd


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Madonna has NOT been "Political: Political"(PP) for her entire career as some state, she has been 'Political' in many other ways (eg 'Feminist Political'..) from the very start and most Madonna fans appear to love that, just not her being PP! Madonna started to blend PP into her work in '03 with 'American Life'(Great LP BTW; only 1 or 2 songs were PP- However the LP arrived in stores DOA), she was promptly and unfairly blacklisted in US media, thus she toned down being PP until her "RI Tour", where she got a mixed reaction to the PP aspect. Since 2005 Madonna has avoided being PP on her albums, and I think most Madonna fans appreciate that- her music ultimately cheers people up, or helps them feel understood when love and life goes wrong etc. I think Madonna is making a well intentioned mistake putting PP speeches etc into her concerts (she did this a little on S&S Tour, and now in her current one). Things are tough in the US and I think most Madonna fans are aware of the state of affairs; they go to her concerts to be entertained and enjoy 'just one day out of life' and don't need to be upset by her PP speeches and antics. If she wants to continue giving PP speechs that's great but she should do that in her own time, not to a high paying captive audience!


Sorry Madonna,Iam not falling for the>> Iam a Celebrity you most vote for who I like...Obama sucks!! there no way I will vote for him!!...Your loaded with money and more power to you,,but there a lot of folks out there that have no JOBS..What the HELL HAS HE DONE!!...Ya he reads his Teleprompter well ill give him that!!!

Daniel Smeets

I don't agree at all. Madonna reaches such an massive audience around the world and i think it's a great thing that she feels that it's a necessity to promote tolerance for all kinds of minorities on her current tour more then ever.
We're living in turbulent times everywhere. It's crucial that people are not afraid or blaming others, for things going wrong,just to make the wrong decisions where we want to go. For our personal freedom,for the fellow human being, for the enviroment and for all the creatures living on this planet.


It is a total disrespect. People who don't support Obama pay the same money for tickets and they don't have to listen someone's point of view. Madonna should think about her vocals and present life performances instead of this policital masquarade where she has no ideas about reality.


Dear Madonna, my sincerest plea: How can you support a war monger like President Obama? Do you not do your own research? Or are you like the majority of lazy Americans who only listen to the corporate-owned main stream media which would like us to believe that there is a difference between Obama and Romney when they are both, in fact, owned by the likes of Goldman Sachs, the military industrial complex, and the Federal Reserve? Did you not know that Obama has expanded the war in Afghanistan for another 12 years? Did you not know he illegally went to war with Libya? Do you not know that on New Years Eve of this year, Obama signed the NDAA which gives himself the power (and all future presidents the same power) to lock up any American citizen, detain them indefinitely (forever) without being found guilty, without a formal charge, without the right to a trial or lawyer? He has accelerated the draconian police state that George W. Bush started. Since Obama took office, media outlets have reported his authorization of more than 300 drone strikes, which kill too many civilians, spur terrorist recruitment, shirk judicial oversight, and represent an abuse of presidential power. How can you demand that Pussy Riot be freed from a tyrannical government, but ignore the same behavior from our own president and his administration? It is FACT that Obama has taken away more rights than any other president in history. He has filled his cabinet with MANY who were responsible for our economic disaster, and yet after all this you are ENDORSING this man? Madonna, please use your power, money, and influence to search for truth, as TRUTH is the only thing we should pledge our allegiance to - not one man, and not one political party. Both parties are owned by the same elite banks who endorse and fund crimes against humanity. As a fan of 22 years, this is all I ask.


Kiss my butt! She has the right to show her support to Obama if that is what she wants to do. Period!!!


Madonna's been political Her entire career and She is a Leader through and through. Some donkey leaving comments about "boo hoo, I want just music, boo hoo, no politics, give refund" <= YOU'RE CLEARLY NOT A REAL MADONNA FAN or YOU OBVIOUSLY HAVEN'T BEEN PAYING MUCH ATTENTION TO THE QOP!!!

Diego Paz

she has the right to express who she will vote for, she have been a Democrat for a long time. we need to respect the opinion of others.


I agree, I hate it when celebrities become political. We already know that most celebrities are on the left. But when it comes to a concert, and I have to pay $400 for a ticket, I go to escape and to be entertained, not preach to. Please do that on your own time. I have tickets to both shows in Chicago and I do not wan't to go now. Ticketmaster will not refund my money, so Madonna if somhow you read this please contact me or let me know you tare not going to preach during your concert. I will watch the news for my information. Thank you


If at least she knew what she's talking about. Obama was given the Nobel Peace Prize when he's participating in wars and allowing states like Israel to keep killing Palestinians. But then she goes to Tel Aviv to talk about peace with a gun in her hands... if you want peace, be clear with the message and perform on the other side of the conflict too. It's very easy to talk.. And well, rich people like her are the reason why there are so many poor countries like Malawi.. resources are just on one side.. Anyway, I like Madonna as a performer but I hate when she starts preaching all this crap


Madonna should keep to the music and perhaps leave politics out of it. I live in Australia, so I really don't know much about US politics, but I thought people in the US were disapointed in Obama and financially things are pretty tough in the US. For your previous election I'm surprised Madonna, and the general public, didn't support Hillary Clinton- Madonna was a strong supporter of Bill Clinton. Anyway, I'm out of my depth with US politics so I'll be quiet. Pop quiz- Name the current Prime Minister of Australia?


i love Madonna but i really dislike it when celebrities become political!

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