MDNA Fan Pictures: Yankee Stadium (Part 1)
MDNA Fan Pictures: Yankee Stadium (Part 2)

'What's up, New York, it's great to be home with you.'

madonnalicious reader Steven sent in his report from Madonna's first show at the Yankee Stadium on Thursday evening:

I'm happy to report that I attended Madonna's opening night in New York (of course) at Yankee Stadium. It was a beautiful night filled with 50,000 smiling Madonna fans. It had rained all week, so the black-but-dry sky was a relief. Fashion photographer Bruce Weber was front row with 'Interview' editor Ingrid Sischy.
After a rocking set by Avicii, Madonna took the stage at 10:15 with a tightly choreographed 'Girl Gone Wild,' one of about nine songs off her new album. In a black cat-suit with nude lips, Madonna gave 'Revolver' and 'Gang Bang' a very cinematic treatment. Her breasts appeared to pop out of her top during 'Hung Up,' and she got something stuck in her shoe during 'I Don't Give A,' which, by the way, was a high point for the New York crowd.
I can't think of another human being who has symbolized virtually everything New York stands for for the past 30 years. 'What's up, New York, it's great to be home with you,' she told the crowd. Having banished all those Fathers and Papas during the shows unrelentingly angry first 40 minutes, Madonna reappeared, now bathed in all white and glowing in cherry red lips, she seemed rather stiff during 'Express Yourself,' but certainly delighted the house with her 'Born This Way' sample. Hey, don't ask a New Yorker to choose between M and Gaga - it's all good fun.
Her handsome son Rocco joined her for 'Open Your Heart,' and I couldn't take my eyes off him. Before 'Masterpiece,' she told the crowd that she is lucky to live in America, where we have freedom of speech, apparently forgetting an album she released in 2003. Oh well. We forgive you. She's back.
As her show followed her career from rebel to lover to fashion icon to sex goddess, Madonna treated the crowd to a fairly straightforward 'Vogue' and 'Human Nature,' before her soul-baring 'Like a Virgin.'
'I'm Addicted' and 'I'm a Sinner' brought the show to an upbeat close before a rousing 'Like a Prayer,' during which her bodyguard had their work cut out for them - her frenzied fans nearly tore the stage up. 'Celebration' closed the show, and Madonna was all smiles as she said Goodnight...until Saturday.


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