Madonna Endorses President Obama
Events: Monte Pittman in Seattle


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Madonna was crazy about Gen Wesley Clark for his military leadership in 2004, calling him “a perfect example of the American dream” and going all out with personal meetings, donations, letters, web site appeals etc. A tepid “endorsement” (if that) of Obama indeed when the talking points are reduced to “good man” and “don’t discriminate.”

This is more of a endorsement of gay marriage aimed at her most loyal fan base. I doubt even she expects him to win. IMO.

Jimmy Jimmy

Madonna is a moron. She actually told the crowd to vote for Obama because he is a black Muslim. The right wing has been desperately trying to promote the false story that Obama is a Muslim for years, and here is one of his so-called "supporters" buying into that tired and incorrect issue. Obama is not a Muslim. Madonna ought to keep her mouth shut - and her clothes on - if she wants to try to help Obama. She threatened to disrobe completely if Obama wins re-election. That scary image is enough to make me vote for the other guy. Clothes on, mouth shut, Madonna. Please.

Laura J. Prater

Madonna would be better off supporting President Obama by not saying anything at all. She probably did him more harm than good with her comments last night.

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