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MDNA Fan Pictures: Washington DC (Part 2)


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Greg (Washington DC)

I'd've written


Josh, Chicago

@ngl: Maybe M is finally lightning up BECAUSE of the poor record sales and mixed reviews?

Maybe she is finally realising that even the Queen of Pop needs fans to part with their hard-earned cash (however much she thinks she is worth it), and that sometimes means being nice, rather than the cold and distant approach she usually has?

I love Madonna, but her attitude to her fans often sucks. I usually cring with embarrassment when she is interviewed on TV as she usually comes across as so arrogant.

Oh, and I also agree with your comments re: the OTT sexual stuff - as hot as she may be, it is actually both embarrassing and, in her words, "reductive" (she did all this sh!t in the 'Sex' era)!


Madonna appears to be having a lot more fun on this tour, as the tour progresses she is letting her guard down more, smiling a lot, changing songs here and there, and interacting with her fans! For a person that is experiencing poor album/single sales and a mediocre critical tour reception, Madonna has not let this dampen her positive spirit! I guess after 25 years of astonishing success, Madonna is truly satisfied and any further achievments are just the icing on the cake. I think Madonna has a healthy mental attitude to success and fame and life in general- this is in stark contrast to the late (and Great) Michael Jackson, in many ways "Thriller" ruined him because he spent the rest of his life under self-imposed enormous pressure trying to outdo past glories and living up to a certain image. Madonna seems to have accepted that the 80's/90's OUTSTANDING SUCCESS was a time in her life- she has moved on. I just wish she would move on from her desire to shock with OTT sexual antics and violence, thankfully there are many different sides to her in addition to this so I overlook the bits I don't like. Madonna, in reality, is very down to earth and pragmatic about life. And to think her critics is 1985 said her career would be over in 6 months! VIVA MADONNA!


Wow, you can barely see me at the very end, right there on the left, next to the guy in the white shirt! It happened kinda next to where I was! So cool.

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