MDNA Fan Pictures: Washington DC (Part 1)
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Andy, Charleston (SC)


Errrr - every fan PAYS to see the tour. Why should one country's fans get more than another irrespective of it being M's home country?

I still believe that one of the reasons M went to Europe/the UK towards the end of the 90s/early 00s (post ROL) was because her career had largely tanked in the US at that time.


@ Bob- Thanks for answering my genuine question! This helps to explain the shortened nature of 'Love Spent' performed. Does she also include "Holiday" as a bonus too? I bet her non-US fans that saw the first leg of the tour might be a little mad about this- but I think Madonna's US fans deserve a little extra, she is after all a US citizen and this is the country where her career began.


ngl, "Like A Virgin" is still performed. "Love Spent" is a bonus. :)

Tri Minh

This was great. She should have omitted "Like a Virgin" and performed "Love Spent" in its entirety. I really like how she altered the lyrics a bit, ie. "I want you to take me like you took MY money..."


Question Madonna fans- does 'Love Spent" replace the song "Like A Virgin"? Furthermore, in these "Love Spent" shows does she also include 'Holiday" too?? Her performance of "Love Spent", in terms of staging/her movements are similar to "Like a Virgin", right down to her gasp as the guys tightens her corset so it looks like a replacement. I prefer her singing semi-acappella "Love Spent" over "Like A Virgin", and the audience seems to respond better too. In future concerts I hope Madonna finally drops 'Revolver' and 'Candy Shop' and replaces them with something else from her amazing catalogue of hits. Her tour is improving over time- she is allowing it to evolve which is impressive.


Wow, I was right beneath her there....I saw him put those hair pins in his mouth. Just very sensual and amazing moments!

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