Liz Smith: 'Madonna’s Last Stand? Never!'
Madonna Surprises 'Bar Mitzvah Boy' with Sing-A-Long


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Greg (Washington DC)

@jo: Agree re: Sade! How does that woman/band do it? HUGE!

However, I disagree about M's career. There have been distinct highs and lows throughout, both artistically and commercially.

Confessions brought her back big time and globally - hell, it even seemed to get her new fans for a while! I have co-workers who detested M (or were cold to her) but LOVED Hung Up and bought COADF , and even went to the tour!


every artist has their day, doesn't matter how good their records are, they just will never be as popular as they once were (with the exception of Sade, that girl can do NO wrong, she doesn't even have hit singles and her albums/tours sell HUGE). Madonna was HUGE for 20 years, I have a feeling she feels satisfied with her accomplishments.


@ngl: Masterpiece has already been a single/track release in the UK, and scraped a #69 position! :-o

Like you, I am utterly shocked that apart from GMAYL (which managed a solitary week at #39), none of the four tracks released from M.D.N.A. have made any impact on the UK chart.

What I find all the more curious is that, despite almost no radio play for any of the tracks, there clearly wasn't even enough interest from fans to download/buy the tracks to get them into the charts. You would have thought that there were sufficient die-hard fans to get a chart placing, but it seems not.

I was shocked when the rot seemed to set in with Miles Away and Revolver (which was dreadful, anyhow), but I genuinely never thought I would see the day when Madonna would release seven songs consecutively and only three of them would make the UK Top 40 (even then, Miles Away and GMAYL only spent one week at #39 each, although Celebration did manage to get to #3)!


I never thought I'd live to see the day when a new album by global superstar Madonna, only 6 months after its release and with the support of a tour, re-enters the mainstream billboard charts at a terrible place of 140!! There was a time when her LP's, regardless of a tour, would spend a year or more near the top of the mainstream charts. MDNA is her first LP to not have even one hit single- despite the singles being great IMO! In the 80's Madonna broke world records by having every consecutive single released from 83-late 89 reach the top five in the Billboard charts, if she didn't release 'Oh Father' & 'Keep it Together" then this amazing run would have continued until late 1992! While MDNA is not my favourite LP from Madonna, its still a decent album and it's better than a lot of other LP's on the charts- it deserves to be in the top 40 of the billboard mainstream charts at least! Everybody seems to like "Love Spent", IMO "Falling Free" and " I Fucked Up" are even better. I wish "I F**ked Up" was given a slight lyrical change and released as a single because its that good- remember both Ceelo Green (with 'F**k You' to Forget You') and Enrique (Tonight I'm F**king You' to 'Tonight I'm Loving You') tweaked their songs to be radio friendly- perhaps a double A-side with 'Masterpiece' or 'Love Spent'. I hope that TUTR is not the final single release. Thoughts anyone?


That gave me chills. MDNA is Pop Rock Opera Perfection. Her best tour yet.


Does that mean she nixed Like A Virgin? Cuz that was SO much better than LoveSpent.


Good news to report MDNA re-entered billboard top 200 albums in US at number 140. MDNA has been on the dance/electronics album chart in US for 25 weeks and moves from number 10 to number 7. Hopefully the tour here in the US continues to push sales of MDNA and it climbs back up the charts.


OMG Awesome it's almost November, it's almost November. Getting so excited!!!


Yeah !! That the song that I was hopping to heard it live ! LA is waiting for you ! We love you !!!

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