MDNA Fan Pictures: Yankee Stadium (Part 3)
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@Victor- You're very presumptious, I'm a proud Australian so your cultural assumption is wrong! I'm broad minded but I draw the line. There is is nothing wrong with having morals.

Victor Arellano

Comments above are so American-Puritanical! Maybe she doesn't want her children to grow up with shame and guilt embedded in their psyche about their bodies and the natural God given gift of sex and sensual pleasure. Sure, there is an appropriate age for those things to be taught and talked about. Remember, they are HER children to raise, not OURS. -Victor.


@Bill, I do worry about the kids too. How are they going to feel about the "Sex" book- imagine if your mother made a book like that, how would the teenage you have felt and especially in front of your peers, I'd be mortified! It's ironic that Madonna made her first 3 tours more tame after becoming a mother, yet her kids at that time were so young it would not have mattered what she did on stage then. Now that her kids are older, more self aware and attend her concerts and Madonna's onstage antics on this tour are the most extreme ever! How can the kids respect their mother? Lourdes is already rebelling, Madonna admits that when she took exception to an outfit her daughter was wearing, she replied "That's a bit rich coming from you!" Madonna, without doubt, behind the scenes is an amazing, kind and strict mother- but her 'public self' presents her children with a very 'worldy' dimension that must be confusing for them on some level.


@Sean there are things called morals and then there's celebrity. I think her saying this sort of stuff in concert is very distasteful. She has a son performing with her. How can he respect his mother or develop a healthy relationship with her. He'd be the butt of all jokes. I hope her children can differenciate from Madonna the celebrity and Madonna the mother.


I LOVE 'Holiday', glad it's 'back'- it used to be a Madonna Tour setlist staple. For her latest tour I was certain Madonna would perform as a finale a mashup of "Holiday/ Celebration", both songs are lyrically and sonically (Celebration LP version) quite similar. Oh well, no one can ever accuse Madonna of being a predictable artist- just when you think you have her all figured out! I can see Rocco, but where is Lourdes, I thought she was a part of the Live show?? It's nice to see Rocco getting some of Madonna's attention for a change- usually it's just Lourdes, Lourdes, Lourdes! Lourdes is very good looking, she has the best of Madonna's features and Carlos Leons features combined.


Rocco is dancing in the background. I love that....


I was there in there 15th row from the cat walk it was an amazing experience. I have ots of great photos. I would love to find the video of the strip tease where she talked about forgiving herself for how many times she has shown her pussy and no matter how much her pussy has been F**(& I was in shock! didnt quit get why she got so raunchy!

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