MDNA Fan Pictures: Chicago (Part 1)
Liz Smith: 'Madonna’s Last Stand? Never!'


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I went to the first Chicago show, and I have to admit, I was blown away. I've been a bit skeptical, but I had a blast. Yes, there were a couple of clunkers (Revolver and Candy Shop....really????!!!!!) but outside of that it was fantastic.

She started late of course (around 10:20) but I think pretty much everyone expected that.

The opening of the show is very very cool. She was chatty in that show as well and it was awesome when she sang Holiday. I'm so bummed I didn't get to see her on the second night sing Love Spent!!

I loved it and the woman knows how to entertain. I had two friends with me who had never seen her before and one was mesmerized the entire time. Afterwards she said 'I can't believe I've never seen her, it was spectacular'.

So there you go, folks. Enjoy it, because you're watching an icon.

Mary Brennan-Wlos

YAY!! She was talking to me and my Raf both nights! We are the best friends. I can die happy now.


Did that end with her asking someone "So, I guess you're a bottom, right?" LOL

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