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Penny Marshall Brought Madonna And Rosie Together As Pals

Director Penny Marshall teamed Madonna and Rosie O'Donnell up on the set of baseball movie A League Of Their Own because she thought the pop star could help keep the actress trim and in shape.
Madonna and O'Donnell became best friends while making the 1992 film and they have their director to thank - because Marshall figured Ro and Mo, as she called them, would be a good influence on each other.
The filmmaker recalls, 'I said, 'Mo, you keep food out of Rosie's mouth and Rosie, you teach her how to play ball'.'
Marshall also told Madonna to relax her work-out regime on set - because she was too ripped.
She adds, 'She was in great shape and she came with a trainer and I said, 'You've gotta stop; your arms shouldn't be this cut in 1943... They (women) didn't work out that much.'



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@ngl-thanks-i never knew that.i read his autobiography & dont recall him revealing that,lol!!xx


@Tracy- I know the answer to your question about Rupert Everret! Madonna was great friends with Rupert, he adored her and he developed a script for a film that they could (& would) do together "The Next Best Thing". Madonna, after the success of 'Evita' was cautious about what film she would appear in next, given her previous film track record, anyway Rupert finally convinced Madonna to appear in what he believed would be a hit film that they would star in together. The film was a megaflop and Madonna was furious & blamed Rupert Everret- she declared their friendship 'OVER', effective immediately!!!


she doesnt seem to keep friends very long-what also happened to rupert everret??xx


Madonna looked beautiful and was great in 'A League Of Their Own". The film was a positive success for Madonna. It's a shame that Madonna & the public didn't get a chance to really bask in the film's positive afterglow for a while, 3 months later the "Sex" book etc came along and everyone kind of forgot about this film. I love Rosie- is Madonna still friends with her? And whatever happened to Ingrid, you used to see photos of the two friends together all the time, have they fallen out??

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