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Quebec City: Dreams Come True

madonnalicious reader Chris attended the Quebec City show on Saturday night and shares this picture below. For this show the whole stage and catwalk was placed on a higher base, and the outer crowd were further away from the catwalk end.

The entire stage was RIDICULOUSLY high! I was positioned directly parallel to the stairs of stage left triangle side. Normally a wonderful position, but the stairs were so high I couldn't see the main stage whatsoever! It was my best show ever, though, because during Like A Prayer, she came offstage, gave me a HUGE smile, bent down and shook my hand! DREAM COME TRUE! :)

Madonna 'funny' fashion director

Madonna was 'cracking jokes' when Georgia May Jagger modeled for her.
The singing iconic selected Georgia as the latest face of her Material Girl clothing line. The model flew to meet Madonna and was amazed by how kind and fun she was.
'Madonna was funny. She was cracking a lot of jokes. I love it when women are as powerful as she is. People have been looking up to her for 30 years,' she recalled.
Georgia's mother is model Jerry Hall. She spoken about borrowing items from her mom's closet in the past and now says Jerry is ruthless when it comes to clearing out clothes. Thankfully, there are certain items she can't bear to part with.
'Oh yeah. Whatever ones will fit me,' she told British magazine InStyle, when asked if she borrows from her mom. 'She's got rid of a lot of her old stuff, though when there was that '80s revival a few years ago, she was like, 'I never thought I'd be able to wear my shoulder pads again, this is so cool!'

From Belfast Telegraph Woman

Liz Smith: Fearless. Fabulous. Still The Queen!

I don't know Madonna well enough (believe it or not) to assess that she is actually without fear as a woman, or a human being. In fact she has admitted to being just as, if not more, insecure, than the average person. Fame and constant scrutiny does that to a person. She is far softer and more vulnerable than her public persona suggests. I know that, for sure.
But whatever she is with her children, her man, her issues, she remains without a doubt one the most fearless and true-to-herself artists in the world.
Madonna kicked off the American leg of her 'MDNA' tour in Philadelphia on Tuesday night. She was full of patriotism, praised America’s freedom of speech, demanded the release of the imprisoned Russian performance artists Pussy Riot and denounced homophobia, as she has been doing for the last quarter century. (Long before Lady Gaga was telling her 'little monsters' that they were 'Born That Way,' Madonna was exhorting her fans to 'express themselves' and was in the forefront of the AIDS crisis.)
'MDNA' is what has become the standard mix for a Madonna show - mind-blowing brilliance, dazzling sets, incredible dancing. And then there’s the stuff she does because she wants to! She is intent on taking her audience on a journey. Sometimes they are not ready for this journey. They want to groove on the old 1980s/90s jams, presented just as Madonna did in her famous videos. (Tough luck.)
Madonna would wither and die if she had to repeat herself over and over. She is not messing with her fans, she’s making sure they’ve grown up. Yeah, and that is despite the campy majorette outfit she wears at one point. She’s not pretending time hasn’t passed. She’s a woman still young, still full of fun. (And wait until you see her marching band, in mid-air, elevated above the crowd!)
In 'MDNA' Madonna gives her fans classics such as 'Open Your Heart,' 'Vogue' 'Express Yourself' 'Human Nature' and 'Like a Virgin.' But, as in the case of 'Like a Virgin,' she has totally transformed the chirpy ode to being 'shiny and new,' into something almost unbearably dark. Is it pain? Is it pleasure? Is she suffering? Is she in ecstasy?
Don’t ask me, and don’t ask Madonna. She hates to explain herself. She is far happier when the audience either makes up its own mind, or never does. Madonna considers herself a work in progress and she gives her audience the same respect. If you don’t get it, don’t worry. It’s life. Who can explain life?

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