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Madonna's brother takes rubber-soled step into spotlight

Christopher Ciccone, the younger brother of pop star Madonna, took a rubber-soled step outside of his famous sibling's shadow on Friday as he launched his first shoe collection at the start of London Fashion Week.
Ciccone, 51, spun a modern twist on functional footwear, using rubber, leather and canvas to reinvent riding boots, Wellington boots, boat shoes, brogues and sandals, using a mixture of bold block hues, geometric prints and strap details. The prices of the collection range from 39 pounds to just under 300 pounds.
'It's the art that follows the form (that) follows the function. I'm an artist, so everything that I create comes from that world,' Ciccone told Reuters, adding that he was inspired by the work of Georgia O'Keeffe, Mondrian and Delacroix.
Madonna did not attend the launch, but she was there in spirit as her latest hit song, 'Girl Gone Wild,' played alongside other pop hits during Ciccone's presentation at London's trendy Strand Gallery.
The collection itself was designed for 'anybody who likes to wear shoes, and where God made weather,' but Ciccone did have something picked out for Madonna - a pair of black leather cowboy-inspired boots with bold cutout details that he said 'just say her name louder.'
'We haven't spoken specifically about the collection itself. We have a strictly brother-sister relationship right now,' Ciccone said about Madonna. He added: 'Obviously, I'm sure I'll send her some shoes.'
Ciccone's collection for men, women and children will be showcased in New York, Paris and Vienna, as part of a worldwide travelling trunk show. But he said he was keen to debut the shoes in London.
'I've always had a real connection to this city, I just love it here. I think the footwear connects to the city itself from the design point of view and from the functional point of view. I just couldn't see doing it in Paris or Milan. London has an edgier side to it,' he said.
Ciccone's sales agent, John Alston, said the collection hoped to cater to a gap in the crowded footwear market, bringing high quality to affordable, functional shoes.
'It's a very crowded market, but we believe it's different enough,' Alston said.

From Reuters Via Yahoo! News

Madonna Is In A 'Good Place' With Her Brother

Christopher Ciccone has repaired his relationship with his sister Madonna.
The designer-and-director angered his superstar sibling back in 2008 when he released his bestselling memoirs 'Life With My Sister Madonna', but he has revealed the pair are now close again.
Speaking on UK TV show 'Lorraine' on Thursday morning about his new shoe collection 'Ciccone', he admitted that he has learned from his mistake, saying: 'We've gotten to a point where, as far as I'm concerned, we're back to being a brother and sister and this is a good place for me.'
'What happens between us is private now and there's no other books coming out.'
The 51-year-old creative admits it took time for Madonna, 54, get over her upset about the book but ultimately he believes the experience has been good for him and her.
He added: 'It's taken a bit to get there, as I understand, but she's my sister and from this point on it's us as brother and sister.'
'It's great to reconnect and it wasn't just with her, after the book I really got the chance to reconnect with my family as well.'


Madonna 'wanted Jennifer Lopez for MTV VMAs kiss'

Madonna originally wanted Jennifer Lopez to join her on stage for a kiss during her infamous MTV VMAs performance in 2003, it has been revealed.
MTV Music Group President Van Toffler has confessed that eventual performers Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera weren't necessarily the pop icon's first choices.
'It was a long road to get to that Britney and Christina kiss, because they weren't necessarily the first couple of people who were on the hit list,' Toffler told EW.
'This may be the first time it's revealed, but originally JLo was in the mix. That didn't happen,' he added.
'And the thing about Britney and Christina was they had history, so it was not easy to get them together on the stage.'
'Both Britney and Christina obviously respected Madonna, so only she could pull that off. You have to have that kind of pull.'


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Like a muse to me...

madonnalicious reader Toby shares this story from the Saturday night Yankee Stadium show when Madonna picked his boyfriend Brian to sing along with her during 'Like A Prayer'. Below is the picture he took of Brian and Madonna.

My boyfriend and I were lucky enough to stand along the runway during Saturday night's was my third time seeing her on this tour and his fourth so far.
Madonna's security guard looks intense but he was actually really nice. Afterwards he told Brian that Madonna seems to have picked up on his enthusiastic, projecting response - and Madonna in turn responded as the picture shows.

Madonna wows crowd at Scotiabank Place

The fans who shelled out upwards of $300 for the hottest ticket in town know that Madonna puts on less of a concert than an all-out event.
None went home disappointed from the sold-out Scotiabank Place show that stretched well into the midnight hour.
Of course, with all the international headlines left in the wake of her MDNA tour - with the swastikas superimposed over political faces, the flaming crucifixes, the boob flashes, feigned violence and calls for revolution - it seemed like everyone was waiting to see which pot Madonna would stir next.
Truly, it just doesn’t qualify as a cause celebre anymore until Madonna’s scrawled in lipstick across her backside.
But other than a 'No Fear' tattoo on her exposed back, there was little in the way of political furor, and except for a few cheeky exchanges with fans, Madonna mostly let her music do the talking.
Not that a Madonna concert is ever just about the music.
The accompanying imagery, dripping with metaphor, was just as much a part of the spectacle as the music, and, as expected from someone with Madonna’s knack for provocation, the images pulled no punches.
The show’s overture began with a dozen cloaked figures swinging a giant smoking urn over the crowd as Madonna descended from the rafters in a gilded confessional, launching her MDNA tour as she does the album with Girl Gone Wild.
Images of Renaissance-styled angels descended into a hellfire backdrop as the beat slipped into Revolver, but the opening credits to The Exorcist soon dissolved into something more closely resembling a Tarantino film.
Under the throbbing beat of Gang Bang, Madge and her femmes fatale wielded pistols and assault rifles and randomly picked off imaginary assailants in the crowd as all sorts of blood spatter and viscera splashed across the screen.
Numerous video interludes showcased her entourage of toned dancers, and allowed for the customary costume changes as the set unfolded in five distinct acts: Transgression, Prophecy, Turning Up the Hits, Masculine/Feminine and Celebration.
After such a foreboding opening, resonating with Gothic subtext, Madonna emerged from the first costume change as a caricature of her old, bubbly bleached blonde persona, dressed as a marching bandleader complete with twirling baton for Express Yourself.
And if there’s anything to the rumours of a feud between Madonna and her prime progeny Lady Gaga, the Queen still wears the crown, as she interpolated the carbon copy Born This Way, singing (somewhat cattily) 'She’s not me' before busting back into Express Yourself.
And the fans - the show was, as expected, a complete sellout with more than 15,000 packing Scotiabank Place, many likely rueing Tuesday morning as the show didn’t get underway until almost 10:30 - gleefully played the part, with many dressed up and putting on their favourite era Material Girl face.
All of those faces were present on stage, too.
Madonna emerged in tight black leather slinging a matching six string for Turn Up the Radio, she was her bad Catholic girl prototype on all fours in Papa Don’t Preach, Masterpiece ushered in a cadre of Golden Age Hollywood romantics in flickering monochrome, the sex-charged groove of Human Nature featured her Erotica imagery, and she was barely recognizable as a grown-up crooning the once-bubbly Like a Virgin.
Yet, for all of her longevity, the 54-year-old Queen of Reinvention rarely showed her age, her trademark lithe moves front and centre on every song.
The only time she even hinted at her years was when she informed the audience her son, who usually dances in the show, had to miss Monday’s gig 'because he had to go to school.'
Only fitting, because 'back to school' is exactly where Madonna sent a new generation of impersonators.


Yankee Stadium Fan Report: 'Forgive Me'

madonnalicious reader Scott was at Madonna's second MDNA show at Yankee Stadium on Saturday night and shares his thoughts of the show:

'Forgive' was on Madonna's back Saturday night. I'm asking all people in section A6 to forgive me and my friend for all our dancing and singing! What an amazing night. I thought the rain would have impacted the show but it added something extra (including Holiday) and our free City Bus yellow ponchos.
Mila Kunis, Lucy Lui, and Anderson Cooper hung out in row 1. We were row 9 seats 1-2, so we had some extra dancing space in the aisle and made our way up front many times before get escorted back :)
I don't know what the highlight was. I honestly don't even remember most of it, it seemed long but seemed to go so fast. Maybe Holiday was my highlight. I was thinking she was going to sing Rain! All in all, outstanding show! And although I ask for forgiveness, we were only there for a good time not a long time....and really I'm not sorry, it's human nature!

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MDNA Fan Pictures: Yankee Stadium (Part 3)

madonnalicious reader Avneet took these great pictures at Madonna's first MDNA show at the Yankee Stadium on Thursday night.

Avneet also captured the moment Madonna had trouble with her shoes at the beginning of 'I Don't Give A' and had to sit down on the steps fixing them. She missed the beginning of the song and the band had to play an extra-long introduction!

Madonna backs Obama, literally

Provocative pop star Madonna revealed more than skin when she pulled off her top at her New York concert Thursday - showing off black letters on her lower back spelling 'OBAMA.'
'Tonight I'm not going to show my ass,' she said, according to US media. 'I'm going to show my feelings. How's that for living dangerously?'
Photos of the singer - standing with her back to the 40,000-strong Yankee Stadium crowd in a black bra with the letters painted below - were immediately tweeted by concertgoers.
Right around then, in a different arena in North Carolina, President Barack Obama was officially accepting his nomination and launching his re-election bid at the Democratic National Convention.
The Queen of Pop also talked about the 'scary things' she's seen during this concert tour, referring to incidents like when Russian punk group Pussy Riot was jailed for a political stunt at a concert.
These incidents 'have made me realize how lucky I am to be living here in America,' the singer said, adding to loud cheers 'thank God for Michelle Obama and her good-looking husband too.'

From AFP Via Yahoo! News

'What's up, New York, it's great to be home with you.'

madonnalicious reader Steven sent in his report from Madonna's first show at the Yankee Stadium on Thursday evening:

I'm happy to report that I attended Madonna's opening night in New York (of course) at Yankee Stadium. It was a beautiful night filled with 50,000 smiling Madonna fans. It had rained all week, so the black-but-dry sky was a relief. Fashion photographer Bruce Weber was front row with 'Interview' editor Ingrid Sischy.
After a rocking set by Avicii, Madonna took the stage at 10:15 with a tightly choreographed 'Girl Gone Wild,' one of about nine songs off her new album. In a black cat-suit with nude lips, Madonna gave 'Revolver' and 'Gang Bang' a very cinematic treatment. Her breasts appeared to pop out of her top during 'Hung Up,' and she got something stuck in her shoe during 'I Don't Give A,' which, by the way, was a high point for the New York crowd.
I can't think of another human being who has symbolized virtually everything New York stands for for the past 30 years. 'What's up, New York, it's great to be home with you,' she told the crowd. Having banished all those Fathers and Papas during the shows unrelentingly angry first 40 minutes, Madonna reappeared, now bathed in all white and glowing in cherry red lips, she seemed rather stiff during 'Express Yourself,' but certainly delighted the house with her 'Born This Way' sample. Hey, don't ask a New Yorker to choose between M and Gaga - it's all good fun.
Her handsome son Rocco joined her for 'Open Your Heart,' and I couldn't take my eyes off him. Before 'Masterpiece,' she told the crowd that she is lucky to live in America, where we have freedom of speech, apparently forgetting an album she released in 2003. Oh well. We forgive you. She's back.
As her show followed her career from rebel to lover to fashion icon to sex goddess, Madonna treated the crowd to a fairly straightforward 'Vogue' and 'Human Nature,' before her soul-baring 'Like a Virgin.'
'I'm Addicted' and 'I'm a Sinner' brought the show to an upbeat close before a rousing 'Like a Prayer,' during which her bodyguard had their work cut out for them - her frenzied fans nearly tore the stage up. 'Celebration' closed the show, and Madonna was all smiles as she said Goodnight...until Saturday.

Fourth And Final NY Show Added To MDNA Tour Itinerary

After 3 sold out shows, (including two at the Yankee Stadium on September 6-8 and one at Madison Square Garden on November 12th) we are happy to announce that Madonna has just added a fourth and final New York show to her MDNA Tour itinerary. The new show will take place at the Madison Square Garden on November 13th!

Tickets will go on sale at 10am local time on September 14th, while a devoted Icon pre-sale will start on September 10th, at 10am local time for Legacy members / 11am local time for Live Pass members.

Please note that Icon will e-mail Lifetime Legacy members with pre-sale codes one hour before the fan club pre-sale begins. If you are not an Icon Legacy member, you may participate by purchasing the Icon Live Pass. All Live Passes will be offered on Ticketmaster for this pre-sale. Simply go to on Monday morning @ 11am local time and purchase the Icon Live Pass Bundle, which will give you access to the pre-sale (4-ticket limit) and the Live Pass tour gift.


Martin Solveig Misses Madonna Show

DJ/producer Martin Solveig missed his opening slot at Madonna's show in Boston, Massachusetts this week due to travel issues and was forced to call in a local friend to replace him just an hour before the gig.
The musician, who worked on the pop superstar's latest album MDNA, has been opening for the singer on her global tour of the same name, but he was left in a panic on Tuesday when his flight from New York to Boston was cancelled.
Solveig phoned his friend, Boston-based DJ Joe Bermudez, an hour before the show was due to start and told him to pack his gear and get to the TD Banknorth Garden so he could fill the slot.
Bermudez tells the Boston Herald, 'I answered the phone and he said, 'Joe. This is Martin Solveig. My flight got cancelled. Can you get to the Garden?'? I just ran home, grabbed my music and my headphones and got over there. Luckily, I had been there before so I knew where to go. I ran backstage and got up there at 7:59. It was crazy. The sound was amazing. It was just a great night.'
Solveig took to to apologise to Madonna and her fans for missing the show and he thanked Bermudez for stepping in at the last minute.
In a series of posts, he writes, 'Wanna (sic) apologise to M and her fans. Couldn't make it to Boston due to flight delays then cancellation. You'll still enjoy the best show Mdna!!... Thank you Joe Bermudez for steppin (sic) in and opening Mdna show.'


Madonna Tops Billboard Boxscore

Madonna claims the top ranking on the latest Hot Tours ranking with box office stats reported from the final month of her MDNA tour's European leg. With more than 307,000 fans in attendance at the last 11 Euro performances, ticket revenue totaled more than $36 million. Included in the mix was a rare club performance by the legendary pop artist at L'Olympia Bruno Coquatrix in Paris on July 26 with a packed house of 2,576. The largest crowd on the European swing was in Finland with 42,760 in attendance at Helsinki's Olympic Stadium on August 12.
Since kicking off in late May, the MDNA Tour has played 33 concerts in 21 countries before wrapping its European leg on August 21 at the Stade Charles-Ehrmann in Nice, France. Overall gross revenue from the tour climbed to $115.7 million from the May 31 launch through the end of the European schedule. The tour's North American leg began just one week later with a performance in Philadelphia on August 28. Dates are scheduled in North and South America until late December.

From - thanks to Micheal

Madonna Invites Superstar DJ Avicii To Yankee Stadium

Madonna has invited Grammy nominated superstar DJ, remixer and producer AVICII, aka Tim Bergling, to join her at Yankee Stadium on September 6 & 8 for her MDNA shows in New York City. Bergling is reciprocating Madonna's surprise appearance at his headline show at Ultra Fest this year, when the two debuted AVICII's remix of her 'MDNA' track 'Girl Gone Wild'.

'She showed up and supported us, and this is my way of showing up and supporting her,' Bergling told USA Today. The critically acclaimed AVICII, whose sets DJ Times called 'euphoric, epic, fun', will throw a massive dance party for 50,000+ fans expected that night.

No stranger to stadium size audiences, the 22 year old AVICII has, this year alone, headlined the ULTRA Music Festival, Electric Daisy Carnival, performed at Coachella and headlined at Lollapalooza.

Avicii announced his fall college/major market tour earlier this month. For more info, please visit


Hard Candy Fitness® Launches First Fitness DVD Series

Hard Candy Fitness®, the global luxury fitness brand co-founded by Madonna, announced today the launch of a new DVD series 'Addicted To Sweat' (ATS). The groundbreaking fitness DVD series will feature the exclusive programs created by Madonna and demonstrated by Madonna's personal trainer Nicole Winhoffer. The programs were previously available only at Hard Candy Fitness clubs. The four-disc set is available for purchase at

'The Addicted To Sweat series is inspired by my weekly workout regimen that helps me take care of my mind and body,' commented Madonna.

In the DVD series, Winhoffer showcases and teaches the Hard Candy Fitness' results-driven techniques and programming created by Madonna, which blends innovative dance, toning and cardio training.

Winhoffer who is also a professional dancer stated, 'Madonna is my mentor and my teacher. Working together these last few years has enabled us to reach our goals in creating a beautiful and ideal physique for her. Through this experience, we were able to create training techniques that I get to showcase in the Addicted To Sweat DVDs.'

The series of four DVDs are as follows:

DVD ONE- ATS DANCE: GET WET Structured like a dance class, Winhoffer breaks down all steps in this tutorial-style DVD. It will hone in on the importance of form and focus to perfect choreographed dances, strengthen the core, and reach optimum results.
DVD TWO- JAW BREAKER TOWEL: SLIPPERY WHEN WET A unique, total body conditioning workout that targets every muscle during a short, intense routine that pays special attention to abs, core, arms, chest and back.
DVD THREE- ATS DANCE: WET, WET, WILD Building from DVD one, Winhoffer pushes the dance skills to the next level, featuring more diverse moves that increase the power of the workout.
DVD FOUR- JAW BREAKER CHAIR: DRIPPING WET A chair and the floor are the only tools required for this extreme workout aimed at sculpting, toning and tightening the entire body.

The four-disc set is available beginning today and can be purchased for $59.95 at

For more information about Hard Candy Fitness®, please visit and

Hard Candy Fitness - Now in Australia

A Hard Candy Fitness centre has now opened in Sydney, Australia.

Madonna works out daily, even during her world tours. She has used thousands of fitness centres and trained with some of the top personal trainers and dancers in the world. From this experience, she has developed a strong vision of the ideal exercise, dancing and workout environment.
Welcome to Hard Candy Fitness.
Enjoy the huge assortment of unique training programs and signature classes at your new club!
'You Can Always Change' - Madonna (Founder of Hard Candy Fitness)

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