Madonna to appear on 'Showmatch' in Argentina
Madonna wows crowd at Scotiabank Place


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Johanna Abelsen

I believe, that the so-called mark is a wrinkle, because she is singng, giving all, that she´s got for us, the fans!! I, personally, love the facial hairs, that are showing on this fantastic photo!! Sorry, but always had a lady-with-hairs thing.. Maybe because I don´t have them myself...
I saw the MDNA show here in Copenhagen, but was way too far away to get pictures like these!


All the photos are nice- except for the last one, that is the worst Madonna photo ever! Madonna looks dreadful in that last photo, what is that prominent mark above her left eyebrow? Be honest people, would you like that last photo of Madonna to be the cover photograph for the MDNA Tour DVD?!?


These photos are gorgeous - the best so far!


Hi guys. Thanks for all the compliments on the photos I took. Glad all of you liked them. The show was amazing. I have more to share If you like


Love the black and white photo's a lot. They are very iconic. She is a beautiful woman.


Does anyone know Chip? I'm dying to know what kind of camera he used to take these photos - I need to get a new one and these are fantastic!!!!



Definitely the best photos yet! The first photo reminds me of the Sex book photos on the beach! Wonderful!

Kayden Deen

these are some of the best pictures I've seen come out of this tour. bravo! beautiful!


Simply stunning photos


Incredible pictures!!!
She looks so gorgeous!!!


those are great pictures! Love the black and white ones. Well done, Chip!


Perfect photos!


WOW!!!!!!! amazing photos!!!!xxx

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