Video: Madonna asks fan to write on her back in DC
MADONNA: A Transformational Exhibition


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Tom, NYC, NY

It's the oldest trick in the book, guys - sex sells, even when your music sales are now weak.

Madonna - the Queen of ReInvention? Maybe a decade ago, but now it's the same old same old.


I agree ngl. Pic 4 - "mast**b*tin* Madonna" turns my stomach. And I am a lifelong fan and not a prude nor a misogynist!!!


Picture 4 has given me an idea- Madonna should perform a cover version of the 1991 number 1 hit from The Divinyal's "I Touch Myself"! Mistress Dita is back, has Madonna forgotten the reception this persona received from both critics and fans alike? On the bright side Mistress Dita 2.0 has better eyebrows and doesn't have that hideous enscibed gold tooth that looked like she had a missing front tooth! Madonna remains a facinating creature of contradictions! Picture 1 Madonna is dressed and behaves like an innocent cheerleader- picture 4 Madonna is in her underwear and is having a 'private moment', looking skywards as if the audience isn't there...a Master of Her Own Domain!!! Am I the only person that thinks Madonna's behaviour on stage in picture 4 is just not right???

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