Madonna Inspires Example's Healthy New Lifestyle
MDNA Fan Pictures: Atlantic City (Part 3)


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Agree with both these comments!

My Mom is the same age as Madonna (and my Mom is in good shape, too), but I don't really want to think about her - ahem! - touching herself!

I figure, sadly, sex still sells.


@MadonYou- I agree with your sentiments 100%! As a longtime fan I feel kind of duped, Madonna moved away from the 'Sex' thing in 1994, and she stayed away from it until 2012- so I believed in the 'new spiritual Madonna' 100%! Most of my friends from over the years hate Madonna, and I've always stuck up for her and explained how she's evolved etc- but my friends were always sceptical and said that she's incapable of real change, and it seems they are correct! Such a shame, Madonna has great talent (think 'Evita', 'Ray of Light', 'Confessions Tour 06'), she doesn't need to do the 'Sex' thing still, I thought she got that out of her system in the early 90's. I LOVE Madonna's music still, but she's not the person I thought she evolved into- she's such a disappointing person these days. Madonna will do anything for money and shock value these days- and she repeats herself something fierce! She is currently sub-par Mistress Dita 2.0!


Love this woman so much. She's really making herself ridiculous doing this sort of shit in picture 3. C'mon your a superstar. You hate repeating yourself than stop pushing sex to the max. You did it with your sex book and it almost ruined your career. Don't push it to the point it becomes distateful and pointless. We all know what a woman looks like masturbating. It's not disgusting. But It's starting to look wrong when Madonna does it now on stage. I'm your biggest straightest male fan and it doesn't shock, impress or turn me on. Madonna, your so much sexier when you cut this stuff out of your shows. You have an amazing talent and are an amzing performer-look after your career and yourself as a person and woman. Who cares if the audience goes ballistic in concert when you do this stuff. It's such a cheap thrill for them and whan it's over its just a cheap thrill and trick. Watching her concerts leaves me thinking that her artistic vision, integrity and talent is becoming so compromised. Don't do that to yourself- your a beautiful woman and I'm still Mad on You!

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