Yankee Stadium: Madonna backs Obama
MDNA Fan Pictures: Yankee Stadium (Part 1)


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Why did Madonna say "thank God for Michelle Obama"?!
One night she also called Barack Obama a "black muslim".


Madonna is not the 'small venue' type of girl- plus given the scale of her Live productions, it's just not cost effective! It would be interesting if Madonna chose to take a cue from Kylie Minogue and do a "AntiTour Tour"- little theatrics, smaller venues and performing rare material- even for one night only and have it filmed. However, as I've said previously, Madonna doesn't do 'small' and I doubt "Live Nation" would approve.

Donna Berndl

Finally saw my idol at Yankee Stadium on September 6th. I don't follow to many artists but Madonna has helped me with her voice and expressions since 1986. I decided it was time to open the wallet and see her Live and travel to NYC. Did'nt know if she would perform my favorite songs or not but it didn't matter. She is the one and only and did not disappoint. Thank you Madonna for always being there for us all and we will always be there for you.


Obviously I'm a huge fan, but this concert was disappointing. I saw it tonight. The show in a stadium sized venue felt disconnected. I had great seats, up only a level on the left. Everyone felt so removed from the show. It's was a mistake to choose such a large venue for a concert that is presented as theater. We missed a lot. Also, Madonna's speech feels so antiquated, preechy and rehearsed. The context of the show is completely misplaced. It would be good in a smaller venue. Holiday was a nice surprise.

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