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Madonna Tops Billboard Boxscore

Madonna claims the top ranking on the latest Hot Tours ranking with box office stats reported from the final month of her MDNA tour's European leg. With more than 307,000 fans in attendance at the last 11 Euro performances, ticket revenue totaled more than $36 million. Included in the mix was a rare club performance by the legendary pop artist at L'Olympia Bruno Coquatrix in Paris on July 26 with a packed house of 2,576. The largest crowd on the European swing was in Finland with 42,760 in attendance at Helsinki's Olympic Stadium on August 12.
Since kicking off in late May, the MDNA Tour has played 33 concerts in 21 countries before wrapping its European leg on August 21 at the Stade Charles-Ehrmann in Nice, France. Overall gross revenue from the tour climbed to $115.7 million from the May 31 launch through the end of the European schedule. The tour's North American leg began just one week later with a performance in Philadelphia on August 28. Dates are scheduled in North and South America until late December.

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I still get annoyed at Madonna though, she has the potential to reach a far wider audience with her tours... She's never been to
Africa, rarely goes anywhere outside of Japan in Asia and has only ever been to Australia once! She always does the same thing and goes to the same places despite her very rare global popularity! Lady GaGa is on her third tour and is visiting EVERY continent bar Antartica! Madonna never did that! Despite her amazing fitness, family etc i think Madonna has been very lazy where touring is concerned, i get the feeling she loathes it, always has, like its a job she has to do to pay her managers! Thats a shame, for if she did go to those places where she never goes, artists like the fake GaGa would have a difficult time and Madonna may once and for all beat the likes of U2 and Sprinsteen at the top slot for touring, she always comes third and thats boring! She needs to go to new places!!!! I really thought the Sticky & Sweet tour part 2 would visit Australia and Asia, maybe a few places in Europe or America but no, same old eastern European Markets... Is that really where her fanbase is these days?! Shes doing herself no favours! I bet her next album wont even chart that well in Australia or Asia, she may as well be retired to them, and who can blame them?! Madonna frustrates me at times, she limits herself lately and never considers her fans. I feel this era has been repetative and very underwhelming!

The performance of MDNA and its total lacklustre singles has been shambolic! The "new" promo approach just hasnt worked at all, in fact its damaged her career and reputation! Nobody even knew she had an album or singles out?!!!! And to get press for the tour Madonna resorted to old tricks like flashing her breast and courting controversy! It worked, but its a shame her talent, music and sales couldnt garner the same headlines! I feel worried for her next project, its one thing to lose sales and popularity because your time is up, but its another to actually lose them because of missmanagement and poor organisation! She needs a new game plan, as for the tour, it bored me rigid, same old themes, remixing of songs that shouldnt be touched (Hung Up will always be disco!!!) and what gives with her tiny sets?! They are NOT suitable for huge stadiums!!!! Hyde Park Was a disaster!!! She should stand where i was stood then see for herself, the sound was shocking, enough to keep fans away from any future tour thats for sure! Dont get me started on ticket prices!


Cannot agree more with InDaSnatch, ngl, paul harvey and Gilbert U. Long live the Queen!! This message was released on my birthday. What more can I wish for!?! Woohoo!! Go M, go!!!!


I am also delighted with these figures. However, the actual % attendance is not given. For example, Helsinki had the largest attendance with 42,760 attendees, but how many tickets were available for sale?

Considering over 50,000 tickets were available for Hyde Park, that shows how poorly attended that concert was compared with her other tours' dates in London over the years.

As a big Madonna fan, these sort of stats are important to me! I want to know attendance AND number of tickets available!

I saw MNDA in Dublin - it was truly amazing, but nowhere near sold out, sadly :(

Gilbert U.

@InDaSnatch: Oh I could not agree with you more! When I made a similar posting when the European numbers were released the "haters" said that they were false and over reported. "Allegedly" the men in suits inflate the numbers and blah blah blah blah.

I on the other hand do not live in such a delusional world. :-D

Long live the Queen of Pop, Madonna!

paul harvey

This seperates Madonna from every other female pop star.She is currently on the north american leg that features two dates at Yankee Stadim.Which other female artist in history has ever done that?


True! I Love it when Madonna does well and her critics have to shut up about her being over! It seems Madonna is always placed in the position of having to prove herself again, and again, and again. Luckily, as she sang in 84 "I get up again Over and Over"!! It may sound unbelievable now but prior to "Ray of Light" LP release even her record company/industry didn't believe in it or her, saying that at 39 she was too old to make this bold new sounding record- she made them eat their words!! Luckily Madonna believes in herself, and is Very Resilient!


THE QUEEN!! This proves my point that no matter what people say MADONNA is unstoppable hahaha. I love it when moments like this happens so it can be rubbed in all the critics faces!!

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