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Madonna Is In A 'Good Place' With Her Brother

Christopher Ciccone has repaired his relationship with his sister Madonna.
The designer-and-director angered his superstar sibling back in 2008 when he released his bestselling memoirs 'Life With My Sister Madonna', but he has revealed the pair are now close again.
Speaking on UK TV show 'Lorraine' on Thursday morning about his new shoe collection 'Ciccone', he admitted that he has learned from his mistake, saying: 'We've gotten to a point where, as far as I'm concerned, we're back to being a brother and sister and this is a good place for me.'
'What happens between us is private now and there's no other books coming out.'
The 51-year-old creative admits it took time for Madonna, 54, get over her upset about the book but ultimately he believes the experience has been good for him and her.
He added: 'It's taken a bit to get there, as I understand, but she's my sister and from this point on it's us as brother and sister.'
'It's great to reconnect and it wasn't just with her, after the book I really got the chance to reconnect with my family as well.'



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Agree with Martin Jensen. He's lying, how hypocrite...ah, and you all should go for some research to find out how the BAT was created. She's the master, you can collaborate with her but she's the director of herself!

Martin Jensen

I think he is lying - he is an asshole who backstabbed Madonna. And no, he wasn't the creative mastermind behind "Blond Ambition' and "The Girlie Show", Madonna was. And her shows nowadays don't "lack warmth", they are glowing. Because of Madonna!


Finally they stop the fucking drama, it was about time....and about time to replace Jamie King and creat another "Girlie Show Tour" concept..... Jamie's ideas are getting old....lights and technology it's always out there, but Christopher is better artistic director than Jamie that's for sure.


Wow I hope they work together again because they were a creative force to be reckoned with. After reading that book it was a typical sibling rivalry dynamic that I could relate to- quite cruel and sadistic at times. I think they were unfufilled at times and this was stemming from their childhood. I think it had a lot to do with their upbringing and where they came from. They needed to be kinder to each other and themselves. He had a great eye for detail and really gave her live shows the integrity a superstar deserves. I do hope that partnership continues because it brought out the best in her live shows and had a warmth that is lacking today. She needs her brother next to her. Perhaps they need to make the business relationship with clearer boundaries because it is hard working with family- they know you too well.


Wonder if it's true? I have my doubts. But if it is, of course it's great news. "Your family is gold" - Madonna


I am happy to hear this. And I heard it here first. I think Christopher was part of one of her best periods. I could see that they both felt very betrayed by each other, but, as we all know, the book itself wasn't THAT revealing. I think it was more the idea of it that upset M. Hope they patch it up.


Hey, NGL-I Couldn't agree with you more. Hopefully, on the next record-Madonna will be more at peace with herself and even more brilliant. Good work, Madge and Chris that you both worked things out. I'm proud of them!


I hope Chris is telling the truth, he could be lying to help sell his product! I totally understand Madonna being unhappy with Chris about the book. Neverthless, I think they were a great creative partnership, and he could really help her. He was the creative genius behind "Blond Ambition' and "The Girlie Show", so I hope they start woking together soon.

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