Yankee Stadium prepares for the MDNA tour!
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Madonna Invites Superstar DJ Avicii To Yankee Stadium

Madonna has invited Grammy nominated superstar DJ, remixer and producer AVICII, aka Tim Bergling, to join her at Yankee Stadium on September 6 & 8 for her MDNA shows in New York City. Bergling is reciprocating Madonna's surprise appearance at his headline show at Ultra Fest this year, when the two debuted AVICII's remix of her 'MDNA' track 'Girl Gone Wild'.

'She showed up and supported us, and this is my way of showing up and supporting her,' Bergling told USA Today. The critically acclaimed AVICII, whose sets DJ Times called 'euphoric, epic, fun', will throw a massive dance party for 50,000+ fans expected that night.

No stranger to stadium size audiences, the 22 year old AVICII has, this year alone, headlined the ULTRA Music Festival, Electric Daisy Carnival, performed at Coachella and headlined at Lollapalooza.

Avicii announced his fall college/major market tour earlier this month. For more info, please visit www.avicii.com

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The dj sucks. Most boring thing ever seen Not a concert at alll!!!!!!


Madge is known for being punctual on her shows. this tour I keep reading how she comes on around 10 and people are getting annoyed. I am not saying to come on 8:00 on the dot but by 9:00 she should be on - DJ supporting act or not. It's just not the right thing to do. Most of her fans at the concerts are people in their 30s and 40s and have jobs that are early the next day or have kids and there are no nannies to watch their children. This is her management team not doing the right thing. Keep your fans happy and start playing by 9.


10? I'm hoping to be outta there by 11 the latest..lol..I don't have a nanny to stay with my 11 month old while I sleep


Anyone have an idea what time this concert ends?


I hope she comes on before 10:00. Not fair to her fans to wait until 10:00 or so. This will upset fans. Half hour of dj mixing is more than enough to get the crowd going. Some of us are coming from two hours away and have kids. I always heard she was punctual. But not from what I am hearing lately. Please make the fans happy and come on by 9:00. Please


I like a number of the "Girl Gone Wild" Remixes- "Justin Cognito Remix" and "Dada Life Rmx" my favourites, as well as the original- but IMO the "AVICII UMF Mix" is terrible and destroys the original integrity of the song. Remixes, by their nature, can go either way- they can make a song sound either better or worse than the original. I LOVE the original Paul Oakenfold version of "Celebration", and thought it would be a huge hit for her, but she chose to go for a radical remix by Benny B. for the singles release and sadly it killed the song! On "Revolver" there is the best version IMO of the song "Celebration featuring Akon: Remix", it is brilliant but it was too late to be released as a single.

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