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Madonna Inspires Example's Healthy New Lifestyle

British rapper Example credits pop superstar Madonna with inspiring his healthy new lifestyle.
The hip-hop star - real name Elliot Gleave - has turned his life around in recent years after admitting he previously struggled with 'a couple of minor soft controllable addictions'.
He now eats healthily and enjoys 'power smoothies', and insists he has been following Madonna's example of keeping fit.
Example tells British newspaper Sunday Mirror, 'I used to read how she had her own nutritionist, masseuse and personal trainer and think she was an idiot. But the summer took it out of me. I did 48 gigs in two months. However hard you think you can work, you can't. I'm having 10 hours sleep a night. I've got a blender and I'm making power smoothies. A blender has changed my life. All I do is eat superfood salads with legumes.'



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